Top 3 Reasons Smoky Mountain Cabin Weddings are Becoming a Trend

Have you ever considered Smoky Mountain cabin weddings for you big day? While it’s definitely far from the traditional ceremony, it’s much more romantic and stress-free. Thousands of couples (over 10,000 actually) visit the Smokies to get married, and even more visit to celebrate their honeymoon. Here’s a few reasons we think you’ll love Smoky Mountain cabin weddings for your big day:

Smoky Mountain cabin weddings1. Closer to Friends and Family

When you get married, it’s sometimes stressful to plan the guest list and make sure everyone arrives at the same place and everyone gets where they need to go for the ceremony and preparations. When you choose a Smoky Mountain cabin wedding, you don’t have worry about any of that.

Generally, a cabin wedding means that the guest list will be shorter, only including the closest friends and family members. The setting is much more intimate, but since everyone is closeby (normally all staying at the cabin!), you won’t have to worry about making sure everyone has a place to stay or knows where to go. It’s a much more relaxed environment than larger weddings.

2. Beautiful Views from Your Smoky Mountain Cabin

Beautiful views from your Smoky Mountain CabinWhen you’re planning a wedding location, there’s no better place than the Smoky Mountains. From one of our Smoky Mountain cabins, you will have unbelievable views of the mountains and surrounding area. If you’re looking for stunning photos from the porch or a specific area, let us know when you’re booking and we’ll be able to help you choose the best location!

No matter where your cabin is located, and which particular view you have, you will fall in love all over again when you have your ceremony in one of our cabins.

3. Your Smoky Mountain Honeymoon Starts Right Away

Wedding decorationsSo many honeymoons take place in the Smoky Mountains because it’s the perfect location for exploring together, getting outside and enjoying the weather and having fun at many of the great attractions. Plus, there’s plenty of great date ideas for the two of you.

Also, if your family is sticking around to enjoy the mountains for a few days after your ceremony, there’s lots of great places to spend time in groups, too.

For more information you might need for planning Smoky Mountain cabin weddings, like where to get your marriage license, click here.

Often called, “The Wedding Capital of the South,” it’s no surprise that Smoky Mountain cabin weddings are the easiest and most beautiful way to celebrate. Take a look at all of our Smoky Mountain cabins and start planning your wedding ceremony right away.