Guest Reviews

Kevin B. - 11/29/2015 5.0

Cabin was clean and beautiful! Great location and great views!

Becky S. - 11/29/2015 5.0

It was truly a great time for our family. The cabin was just what we needed for our vacation.

Sharon S. - 11/29/2015 4.0

It was good, but the area is very busy. Too close to Dollywood for me. Would have preferred a cabin maybe further over towards I-40 more away from tourist area. Thought the cabin could have been updated & didn't really like the pool table right at the front door. Kitchen was small & the hardwood floor look terrible in places as well as some of the door facings. It has not been treated kindly which is a shame. Overall we enjoyed our stay.

Karen B. - 11/28/2015 5.0

The cabin was great! Plenty of space and entertainment options right at the cabin.

Melissa W. - 11/28/2015 4.0

Dirty dried washcloth in one bathroom and dried toothpaste in the other bathroom. 2 of 3 light bulbs blown in kitchen.

Bryan B. - 11/28/2015 4.0

Great vacation. Awesome view. A few minor recommendations. The bedroom is cramped with the tub being next to the queen size bed. It turned me in to a bit of a contortionist to get in and out of that side of the bed. The bed mattress needs replacing...unless you like slowly being drawn to the center of the bed :-). Water pressure made the shower unusable. However, I would still book this cabin again. Great location and view!

Connie J. - 11/28/2015 4.0

Roads could be better lit, especially street signs. Cabin names should be clearly visible at night. Arrived 11:30 PM, raining with fog had trouble finding cabin. Other than that, everything was wonderful; great location, clean spacious cabin, awesome view, and a place for my dog to do her business. Great staff answering the phones for any questions. Would come back.

David B. - 11/28/2015 4.0

The cabin was in an excellent location and we will stay there again in the very near future. I have only one complaint-the shower head. It was old, with calcium build up. A new shower head will be greatly appreciated!!!!

Karen D. - 11/28/2015 4.0

We were moved to a different cabin than we picked out. The cabin was fine, but the tv in the upstairs bedroom was smaller than a computer monitor and was so far away from the bed that it was impossible to watch. Other than that, everyone and everything was nice

Melanie G. - 11/28/2015 4.0

Everything was great! Our cabin had an indoor pool. The sign states it was between 80 and 85 degrees. The water was usually around 70 degrees. I believe the timer may not have been working. I also think that someone entered our cabin while we were gone. I don't think it was a pool man bc it was still dirty. We didn't notice anything missing so we didn't Report it. Other than that we enjoyed our stay so much! We look forward to booking with Timber Tops again. Cabin was very clean!

Diane S. - 11/27/2015 4.0

Great time. Really needed better directions to cabin. Cabin was very nice.

Ryan L. - 11/26/2015 5.0

We loved the cabin overall. Only downside was finding 2 scorpions in the game room and the driveway was a bit scary.

William G. - 11/26/2015 4.0


Paula R. - 11/26/2015 4.0

We loved it, clean, easy to find, grand kids loved the media room

Heath H. - 11/26/2015 5.0

The cabin and experience was very good. We had two issues (deadbolt had to be replaced and the dryer had to be repaired) but they were both handled very professionally. I did have one concern that I disagreed with the way that timbertops handled it. I originally booked 5 nights and considered the 6th but my schedule did not allow it so I told them to just put us down for the 5. My thought was that maybe timbertops could rent it and I was ok with that. My schedule did allow, at the last minute, to come a day early. I called and the cabin was available but I had to pay half price. I asked the lady about this and she said it was policy. I understand having policies but I also understand fairness and customer appreciation. I was ok with timbertops renting the night if I couldn't come but you weren't ok with letting me have my night (that should have been free). Again I was satisfied with the cabin and service (as I have been many times) but how this is handled will determine if I stay with timbertops again. Heath Hughes.

Katie C. - 11/25/2015 5.0

The cabin was very nice and clean. The the check-in and check-out process was very easy. We would definitely book with Timber Tops again.

Kenneth R. - 11/25/2015 4.0

Beautiful cabin with beautiful view. Hot tub water needed to be shocked NOT CLEAR and unpleasant smell

Jenny W. - 11/25/2015 5.0

We absolutely loved the cabin. We just could not get the cabin to cool down unless we turned the heating unit off completely. We finally figured out that it was coming from the bottom floor and heat rises. Although the bottom floor heating unit said to not turn the unit below 78 we had to turn it off. It was making the whole cabin a fury 88 degrees. The only other thing is I tried to cook a dinner and there isn't enough of cookware or serving bowls.

Samantha M. - 11/25/2015 5.0

Nice was clean and everything hassle booking or checking in

Kay A. - 11/24/2015 4.0

We have used you all for several years and never have had a problem. This is the first time we needed a cabin of this size. The cabin was adequately furnished and well laid out for a large party. We did find dog feces on the carpet in the 2nd floor living area that had been there a while -- the lady was very apologetic when I called to report this but we did clean it up on our own. We had an issue with the hot tub too -- evidently it hadn't been used a while as the water level was very low and discolored and smelled odd (not chorine smell - - just musty smell) We called this in Sunday morning and it was serviced sometime late Sunday afternoon - in time to use that evening. That repairman was very cordial. Everything else about the place was in good order. I would suggest the air hockey table be removed or replaced = = it was in very bad shape with broken pieces etc. There was enough other stuff to do to keep the kids busy.

Rex W. - 11/24/2015 4.0

The folks at check in were pleasant, prompt and helpful. Everything worked in the cabin and was clean. The view was outstanding. The pool table was very nice. The d├ęcor of the cabin was dated - TVs, carpet, drapes, etc. To be a "luxury cabin", the cabin needs some updating. Otherwise, we liked the cabin and the view.

Leigh G. - 11/24/2015 4.0

The office staff was great. Very friendly and helpful. The dryer in the cabin did not work which was a bit frustrating when trying to wash bath towels.

Marilyn M. - 11/24/2015 5.0


Calvin W. - 11/24/2015 5.0

Everything was perfect ! From check-in to check-out. Our stay made some life long memories.

Anita M. - 11/24/2015 4.0

This was our first time (in a while) staying with Timbertops and the process of booking and checking in went so smooth. It was really nice to get a call the day we arrived telling us our cabin was available...EARLY! We did not like our cabin (the set up) as much as we hoped but that was a personal preference. However, it was stocked with everything we needed, our husbands were able to watch football in many different rooms, everyone loved the hot tub and we had a great time!