Guest Reviews

Tony H. - 11/25/2015 4.0

The parking area was very steep...a bit scary. The cabin was great except for the bed that was broken and had to be repaired. Reported the problem very early in the morning and had to call back again...they said they had no record of the problem being called in. Service man finally showed up late that day and repaired it. The first call was not recorded I would guess. Enjoyed the stay and the view.

Kay A. - 11/24/2015 4.0

We have used you all for several years and never have had a problem. This is the first time we needed a cabin of this size. The cabin was adequately furnished and well laid out for a large party. We did find dog feces on the carpet in the 2nd floor living area that had been there a while -- the lady was very apologetic when I called to report this but we did clean it up on our own. We had an issue with the hot tub too -- evidently it hadn't been used a while as the water level was very low and discolored and smelled odd (not chorine smell - - just musty smell) We called this in Sunday morning and it was serviced sometime late Sunday afternoon - in time to use that evening. That repairman was very cordial. Everything else about the place was in good order. I would suggest the air hockey table be removed or replaced = = it was in very bad shape with broken pieces etc. There was enough other stuff to do to keep the kids busy.

Rex W. - 11/24/2015 4.0

The folks at check in were pleasant, prompt and helpful. Everything worked in the cabin and was clean. The view was outstanding. The pool table was very nice. The d├ęcor of the cabin was dated - TVs, carpet, drapes, etc. To be a "luxury cabin", the cabin needs some updating. Otherwise, we liked the cabin and the view.

Leigh G. - 11/24/2015 4.0

The office staff was great. Very friendly and helpful. The dryer in the cabin did not work which was a bit frustrating when trying to wash bath towels.

Marilyn M. - 11/24/2015 5.0


Calvin W. - 11/24/2015 5.0

Everything was perfect ! From check-in to check-out. Our stay made some life long memories.

Anita M. - 11/24/2015 4.0

This was our first time (in a while) staying with Timbertops and the process of booking and checking in went so smooth. It was really nice to get a call the day we arrived telling us our cabin was available...EARLY! We did not like our cabin (the set up) as much as we hoped but that was a personal preference. However, it was stocked with everything we needed, our husbands were able to watch football in many different rooms, everyone loved the hot tub and we had a great time!

Debbie A. - 11/24/2015 5.0

Everything was clean and in working order. We loved our view!

Shante C. - 11/24/2015 5.0

From check in to check out I was very pleased

Ted W. - 11/24/2015 4.0

The stay was great. The cabin was clean. Very cozy with good views. Vernelle was very helpful in choosing the right cabin. The only disappointment I had was the fact that I specifically chose a cabin with a pool table but once there I realized there just wasn't enough space to actually play pool. The walls and furnishings were just too crowded around it, rendering it useless. I'm not sure if its presence reflected in the cost, but if so, I paid for something I wasn't able to use.

Eric D. - 11/23/2015 5.0

Cabin was very clean and I really like how you guys call and let us know that cabin was ready way before 4 oclock and checkout is at 11 instead of 10am. Need to give better detail directions instead of a map.

Regina A. - 11/23/2015 5.0

Beautiful view of the mountain. Very Nice cabin. Will stay again.

Aaron P. - 11/23/2015 5.0

Check in was fast. Staff was courteous. Dream Gatlinburg was beautiful! It has everything you need. It is secluded for privacy, has arcade, a pool table and games for fun, a nice home theater system, a hot tub to relax in, and beautiful cowboy decor. Only improvement suggestion we have is on the departure. Need to add a departure option when calling office when leaving to make check out quick and easy. Kind of confusing on what option to select. We would highly recommend Timber Top Cabins and would love to come back some day!

Phillip M. - 11/23/2015 4.0

Overall satisfied with Cabin. Check in procedures was easy staff friendly. Cabin was clean and appeared well maintained.

Cynthia R. - 11/23/2015 5.0

Excellent. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Check in and check was a breeze. And the cabin was absolutely gorgeous!

Terri T. - 11/23/2015 5.0

This cabin was clean, beautiful and exactly as we expected except for one thing, which is why I rate the cabin a 5. The one thing is that the bedspread was missing in the bedroom. There was a very thin blanket on the bed and no bedspread at all. My friend and I were ok because I brought an old bedspread from home thinking I could wrap up in it to sit on the back deck when it was cold. So we used that on the bed but it did take away from the beauty of the room seeing my old bedspread on the bed. When I told the office that the bedspread was missing they said it must have been taken out to repair a rip or maybe to have a spot cleaned, but I feel like if that was the case there should have been another bedspread put on the bed in the meantime. That red bedspread was what initially attracted me to the cabin in the first place, so to have no bedspread at all was a disappointment and it definitely would have been a problem had I not brought one from home. But other than that, the cabin was absolutely perfect in every way. We very much enjoyed our stay.

Samantha S. - 11/23/2015 4.0

Absolutely friendly at check in, quick service with front flood light and easy quick checkout!

Faith K. - 11/23/2015 5.0

we had checked in and the hot tub was not filled with water and that was disappointing cause we had come all the way for that. But we called the front office and they sent a staff member to our cabin, He was so helpful and filled the water even if it was so cold outside. The cabin was beautiful with an amazing mountain view. Definitely will come back.

David T. - 11/23/2015 4.0

Everything was very good, but the TV's were clearly too small based on today's standards. The DVD player in the main room does not work. I tried multiple disks and non of them would load. I would make noises like it tried to load over and over. It never would work. I would recommend but would mention the TV's and dvd player as the only major problem.

Marc S. - 11/23/2015 5.0

Great view, clean, and close to everything. If I had to find a downside....TV 's were very small, pool table was not level, and toilet paper was too cheap. But everything else was beyond my expectations. Loved it.

Tarshunia W. - 11/23/2015 5.0

I enjoyed every minute of linger lodge. The view is amazing just to wake up and walk on your balcony watching the sunrise. However, it was kinda scary at night times with all the crazy turns and hills. The customer service was awesome after we got lost a couple time they walked us through the directions to make sure we arrived safely. Our cabin was ready early as well so that was a plus to. Overall that's one of the best and spacious cabins I've ever stayed in. Thanks timber tops

Moctaziux G. - 11/23/2015 4.0

Everything was nice. I appreciated how you all had our room decorated for our anniversary.

Pamela D. - 11/23/2015 4.0

The cabin was amazing. Great view. Awesome amenities like patio set up, fireplace, and theatre room. Loved having king beds and bathrooms to every room. Clean. Well stocked with more than essentials. Typically don't have all the items we need in the kitchen or enough dish soap, paper towels, tp. This cabin had everything we needed. Check in process was frustrating. 4pm is late for check in, esp when it gets dark earlier in winter. We called 2 days in advance to request early check in. There was no one staying in our cabin for 2 days prior. Yet, our cabin still "wasn't ready" until 3:45pm. I've never had this trouble with any cabin company previously (and we've stayed with a lot of companies). Typically check in is 2-3pm and early check in is always an option as long as no one is staying in the cabin the night before. I understand things arrise, even during vacancies. But, with 2 days notice which we gave for requesting early checkin, there should have been no issue checking in early.

Lachrissa G. - 11/22/2015 5.0

Responsive and impeccable staff! Fast check in and out procedures

Levi H. - 11/22/2015 4.0

There were several things broken when we got to the cabin. We are thankful for prompt service, but many of the problems should have been noticed earlier. The microwave doesn't turn so food burned, all can openers broken, one hot tub broken, and a barstool. Loved direct check-in. All staff were great, friendly, and helpful.