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Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg all help make up one of the larger counties in Tennessee. Established in 1794, Sevier County covers nearly 600 square miles of area. The population of the area continues to grow, with a current population close to 100,000 individuals

Sevier County TN is known for having many points of interest, including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which stretches beyond the Sevier County border. When you visit Sevier County, you will be able to experience 3 different regions. You can see the Appalachian Mountains, the Foothills, and the beautiful valley that stretches across East Tennessee. The highest elevation in Sevier County is found at Clingmans Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at 6,643 feet above sea level.

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Abrams Falls
Clingmans Dome
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Sevier County Courthouse - Sevierville, Tennessee

The Sevier County Courthouse was completed in November of 1895 and has been standing ever since. It was originally built for a little over $22,000. The first court was held on October 5, 1896, and the courthouse remains in full operation today. The famous statue of Dolly Parton sits on the lawn outside the Sevier County Courthouse and has become a must-see spot in Sevier County TN.

Harrisburg Covered Bridge - Sevierville, Tennessee

The Harrisburg Covered Bridge in Sevier County TN is located off TN-339 near US-411. The bridge was destroyed in a Sevier County flood in 1875. A resident of the Harrisburg area, Elbert Stephenson Early, rebuilt the bridge in 1875. It is 83 feet long and about 14 feet wide. Around 1972, the bridge underwent major repairs. The bridge still stands today as the oldest covered bridge in Sevier County, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You can still visit the bridge on foot or by vehicle.

The McMahan Indian Mound - Sevierville, Tennessee

Located on the Forks of the River Parkway in Sevierville, TN, you will find an old Indian mound. For the most part, the mound is in original condition, but due to construction around it, there have been parts removed. The mound is approximately 16 feet high and 240 feet in circumference. Its first excavation occurred in 1981 which resulted in artifacts that were sent to the Smithsonian. Some of the artifacts have dated back as far as 200 A.D. There is a nearby nature trail, so if you’re out and about, make sure you stop by to see the Indian mound.

Kodak Flour Mill - Kodak, Tennessee

The Kodak Flour Mill was built around 1916. The first flour mill operation in Sevier County TN was the Kodak Milling Company that began in 1912. Farming has always played a major role in Sevier County, so the mill operators would purchase grains from farmers and mill it to flour. Then, the flour would be transported down the river to the Knoxville area. The Kodak Flour Mill has been closed for many years, but it is still standing today.

Henry's Station and The Treaty of Dumplin Creek - Kodak, Tennessee

The Treaty of Dumplin Creek played a huge part in the settling of Sevier County TN. There is a marker near the Kodak Flour Mill that describes the treaty that was signed on June 10, 1785. Before the signing of this treaty, it was difficult for individuals or families to settle in the Sevier County area. The treaty made it possible for Sevier, Knox, and Blount counties to all be settled without resistance.

Middle Creek United Methodist Church - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Located on Middle Creek Road between Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, you can find the Middle Creek United Methodist Church. Sevier County TN has a variety of churches, all from different denominations, including Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Lutheran, and many more. There are many small churches in the county and several larger churches with nearly 2,000 members.

Sevierville TN was founded in 1795 and incorporated in 1901. The town gets its name from John Sevier, the first governor of Tennessee. Sevierville is the oldest of the cities in Sevier County TN. It is also the largest of all the other county cities. Sevierville began as a rural community with a single church, a couple of mills, a trading post, two lawyers and a stable for a courthouse. Today, Sevierville TN has become a bustling town while still holding true to all of its history which can be seen throughout the area.

Abrams Falls
Clingmans Dome
fireplace and outdoor furniture on cabin deck