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5 Tips for Planning a Successful Stay in a Pigeon Forge Group Cabin

Family of four warming up feet in front a fireplace in a Pigeon Forge group cabin
December 24, 2014

Are you trying to plan a vacation to Pigeon Forge with a group? If you are looking for a few easy pointers for planning your vacation, take a look at these helpful ways to make planning easier:

Figure out who will be planning the vacation.

First things first, you have to put someone in charge of planning the vacation. Even if they don’t plan every little thing or each activity, you should have a specific person to go to with questions. This person should be responsible for collecting money from family members, booking the reservation and getting everyone’s input on which attractions and restaurants to visit. If necessary, the planner would go ahead and make reservations for dinner or purchase tickets to attractions that are a ‘must visit’ for family and friends. This will eliminate any trouble when it comes time to plan an outing.

Set a budget for the trip, including what each family will pay for the cabin rental.

Once you have made those decisions, go ahead and set a budget for the trip. Discuss the cost with each member of the family, so no one is shocked when it comes time to pay for their portion. When you share a Pigeon Forge group cabin, you typically won’t have to pay much per night. You will actually save money by chipping in with a group as opposed to renting a cabin or booking a hotel room for the nights of your stay.

Pick the dates and choose the Pigeon Forge group cabin rental.

Family playing a game at the table in a Pigeon Forge group cabin

After your ‘planner’ is chosen, everyone in the group needs to set a date for the trip. Then, decide exactly how many people will be attending. Of course, if one or two people are unsure, just make sure you get a large enough cabin for everyone, but you need to be as close to the exact count as possible. This way, you know whether you need something like an 8 bedroom cabin in Pigeon Forge or a 15 bedroom cabin in Pigeon Forge. There’s a big difference in the size of these cabins, so you don’t want to end up with too much space for a few number of guests.

Set up a flexible schedule.

Whoever is planning the vacation should go ahead and set up a schedule of things to do during the vacation. Make sure the itinerary is flexible, so everyone has time to rest and relax, too. You don’t want to make a jam-packed schedule where everyone is running from one attraction to the next without a break. Give enough time to see the area and be comfortable and relaxed throughout the trip. At this point, you can figure out exactly who is going to attend which attractions and get tickets for those places.

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Give all of the guests an idea of what to pack.

Couple taking a hike with their dog in the Smoky Mountains

Everyone should have an idea of what to pack for the trip. If you’re really interested in planning ahead, you can make everyone a short checklist of anything that is absolutely necessary. For example, if you’re planning to go hiking in the Smoky Mountains, you’ll want to make sure you have layers of clothes and very comfortable shoes. If your cabin has a hot tub, you will want to remind everyone to bring their swimsuit. Small reminders like that will help everyone pack lighter for their vacation and prepare them for all of the upcoming fun!

Are you ready to book a Pigeon Forge group cabin for your vacation? At Timber Tops Luxury Cabin Rentals, we will be happy to help you through the planning and booking process. Just give us a call anytime and we will answer any of your questions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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