6 Rainy Day Activities to Do in Your Pigeon Forge Cabin

Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate with your vacation plans. Fortunately, you can still have a blast doing some rainy day activities in your Pigeon Forge cabin! Here are six of our favorite things to do:

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1. Bake a Tasty Treat.

Our cabins come with fully furnished kitchens, so as long as you plan ahead and stock up on ingredients, you can spend the day basking in the cozy warmth of the kitchen as you bake cookies, pie, or other goodies.

2. Have a Storytelling Marathon.

Lounge on the comfortable furniture and take turns telling stories. You can share memories from your childhood with your kids or make up your own fairy tail. Another option is to bring along a novel or two and take turns reading chapters.

3. Do a Puzzle Together.Family playing board game

Sit around a sturdy table and spread out the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This time-tested relaxing activity is a lovely way to pass the time, and when you finally finish the puzzle, you will have a great feeling of accomplishment. Puzzled is a great place to pick up some specialty jigsaw puzzles in Pigeon Forge.

4. Play Board Games.

Bring along a few board games and introduce a little friendly competition into the trip. A day of games with a heaping bowl of popcorn can leave you with warm memories for years to come.

5. Complete an Art Project.

Bring some art supplies such as paper and crayons, colored pencils and markers. Suggest that everyone draw a picture of the best part of the trip so far; it will be fun and creative and leave all of you with a lovely souvenir to take home.

Family art project6. Watch the Rain.

Just because it’s too wet to be outside, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the outdoors. Why not spend a while perched beside one of the windows in your Pigeon Forge cabin and look out at the world around you? You may see things in this weather that you wouldn’t see on a sunny day.

For more rainy day fun, check out our collection of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge cabins with arcade games!