Everything You Need to Know About Rainforest Adventures in Sevierville

Do you have animal lovers in your family? You need to take them to Rainforest Adventures in Sevierville! You’ll be able to get up close to all kinds of exotic animals and learn all about them at this cool attraction. Here’s everything you need to know about Rainforest Adventures in Sevierville:

Animals You’ll See

red footed tortoise on rocksRainforest Adventures has a variety of animals you’ll be able to see. Most of the animals have been born or hatched in captivity. There are all kinds of cool reptiles, mammals, birds, bugs, and amphibians.


You will see over 15 species of snakes, and there are turtles and tortoises that walk on land and swim in the water in this unique zoo. Geckos at Rainforest Adventures in Sevierville come in all shapes and sizes; some are completely green while others have unique spots and colorings. The lizards range from so small they could fit in your hand all the way to monitor lizards, which can be the size of a medium-size dog.


Some of the mammals you will see you may have never heard of. Get up close with a porcupine. The kinkajou is a cute little creature who looks like a lemur but is actually more closely related to the raccoon. You will see a variety of lemurs, from a ring-tailed to black and white ruffled lemurs. The African serval looks like a house cat but hunts like a large cat. You will also see hedgehogs, mongooses, mice, and more.


milk frog with a reflection in water

Kids love looking at the amphibians. You’ll see poison dart frogs in their vast color range and milk frogs, which get their name from their milky coloring. There are also a few toads you will see, one of which spends most of its time underwater.


Some of the birds you will see include parrots, cockatoos, and finches. They come in all shades of color, from blues to grays to bright greens. You will enjoy hearing them sing and caw as you walk through the zoo.


Not everyone is a fan of creepy crawly bugs, but at Rainforest Adventures, you might enjoy learning more about them! They have two different kinds of cockroaches and a few kinds of tarantulas you can learn about.

Groups and Events

Want to have a party or a special event at Rainforest Adventures in Sevierville? You can host it in the middle of all the animals for a unique theme!

Grab Some Souvenirs

tiger, monkey, leopard, hippo, and lion stuffed animalsAt the end of your self-guided tour, stop by the gift shop! There are t-shirts, stuffed animals, toys, and all kinds of other gifts you can take home with you to remember your day at Rainforest Adventures.

Save Some Money

When you visit the website, you will find a coupon that will save you $2 per person in your group! You will find it here, and all you have to do is print it out. You only need to present 1 coupon per group.

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Rainforest Adventures in Sevierville is a great place for families with kids or groups who want something affordable to do to go for an afternoon of entertainment! When you book a cabin with us, you’ll have access to the Luxury Pass, which includes free and discounted tickets to local attractions. Book with us today to get your pass!