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5 Gatlinburg Waterfalls That Will Make Your Vacation Unforgettable

Abrams Falls Gatlinburg waterfall
August 1, 2022

Gatlinburg waterfalls are known to be some of the most spectacular in the South. We have waterfalls in Gatlinburg that range from 25 feet to 180 feet tall! The waterfalls on this list are perfect for families or those who may be more interested in the waterfall rather than the hike to it. However, there are a couple of waterfalls on this list that do require a few miles of hiking through some beautiful nature and scenery. Check out these Gatlinburg waterfalls that will make your vacation unforgettable:

1. Laurel Falls

Laurel Falls one of the most popular Gatlinburg waterfalls

Laurel Falls is one of Gatlinburg’s most popular waterfalls for visitors. It is named after the Mountain Laurel, which is one of the many delightful flowers in the Gatlinburg area. The level of difficulty for the Laurel Falls Trail is easy, and its total roundtrip hike only equates to 2 and a half miles. This Gatlinburg waterfall is an amazing 80 feet tall!

2. Abrams Falls

Abrams Falls is one of Gatlinburg’s more popular and shorter waterfalls. It stands at about 25 feet tall, but the height of this waterfall is not what makes it unique. You will enjoy walking the 2.5 miles it takes to get to Abrams Falls to see the generous amount of water flowing over the rocks. The water flowing from Abrams Falls creates a huge pool of water that is a breathtaking site to see. This amazing scene is named after Cherokee Chief Abram, whose village was not far from the falls.

3. Mingo Falls

Another great waterfall you’ll want to see is Mingo Falls . Its trail is moderate difficulty, and only .4 miles round trip. This waterfall is located on the Cherokee Indian Reservation, and is one of the tallest in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Mingo Falls rises to a whopping 180 feet tall! You don’t want to miss out on this Gatlinburg waterfall if you want to see the beauty of a waterfall without all of the hike.

4. Juney Whank Falls Loop

Juney Whank Falls Loop is a noteworthy Gatlinburg waterfall, and like Laurel Falls, it also is a giant 80 feet tall. The wonderful walking trail provided for this waterfall in Gatlinburg is only .8 miles round trip. When visiting Juney Whank Falls Loop, you also have the option to continue along the trail to find 2 more popular Gatlinburg waterfalls, Toms Branch Falls and Indian Creek Falls.

5. Grotto Falls

Grotto Falls waterfall in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Grotto Falls is the perfect Gatlinburg waterfall for a summer hike. It is located in a dense hemlock forest that provides a lot of shaded areas. The trail is moderate difficulty, and 2.6 miles roundtrip. It runs just behind Grotto Falls, which is 25 feet tall, for a moist environment great for cooling off after your hike. The moist environment is also perfect for salamanders, and the Great Smoky Mountains are known as the salamander capital of the world.

More About Gatlinburg Waterfalls

All of the Gatlinburg waterfalls have something different to offer. They each provide a gorgeous sight for hikers to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for an easy or more challenging trail, there is a Gatlinburg waterfall hike for you. For more information on Gatlinburg waterfalls, click here .

If you enjoyed reading about some of the different Gatlinburg waterfalls, learn more about the 6 Best Day Hikes in Gatlinburg’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park that are near our Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg cabin rentals.

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