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apple barn and cider mill
April 13, 2023

The Apple Barn and Cider Mill General Store is one of the most popular places to visit in Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains. Located beside an apple orchard, the Apple Barn is legendary for its freshly squeezed cider and mouthwatering apple desserts. In addition to the Cider Mill & General Store, the Apple Valley complex also boasts a number of other shops and restaurants that make use of the orchard’s delicious apples. Here’s your guide to the Apple Barn and Cider Mill:

History of the Apple Barn and Cider Mill

Before it became the Apple Barn & Cider Mill, this iconic building was just a typical rural barn used to store hay, farm equipment, and livestock. Originally constructed in 1910, the barn found a new purpose around 1980 when apple trees that were planted four years earlier started to bear fruit. The owners of the farm cleaned the barn and started selling apples from the renovated building during the fall months. Before long, the Apple Barn started selling apple cider and apple pie to great critical acclaim. Nearly 40 years later, millions of visitors have made the Apple Barn Village a can’t-miss shopping and dining destination in the Smokies.

Apple Barn Cider Bar

Located at the front of the Apple Barn and Cider Mill General Store, the Cider Bar is the Village’s signature attraction. Here, guests can order fresh apple cider by the glass and a variety of irresistible apple treats. Some of the delectable desserts you’ll find at the Cider Bar include fried apple pies, apple cinnamon donuts, apple dumplings, baked apple pie with ice cream, and apple butter muffins.

Apple Barn General Store

basket of fresh apples

The Apple Barn General Store is a wonderful place to do some souvenir shopping. This three-level store is famous for its apple-themed specialty food items, such as apple butter, apple jelly, apple salsa, apple pancake mix, and apple fritter mix. The General Store also sells home decor and freshly picked apples (from early September until December).

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant & Farmhouse Grill

If you’re in the mood for old-fashioned country cooking, you can’t go wrong at the Applewood Farmhouse Grill or the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant. Both of these popular restaurants offer complimentary apple fritters, apple butter, and individual servings of an apple julep to each table. The main difference between the two eateries is that the Farmhouse Grill serves three-course meals (fritters, soup, and entree) and the Farmhouse Restaurant offers slightly pricier five-course meals (fritters, soup, salad, entree with a side, and dessert).

Apple Valley Creamery

Apple Valley Creamery near Pigeon Forge

Located right next door to The Apple Barn & Cider Mill, The Apple Valley Creamery is the ultimate dessert destination! This vintage ice cream parlor and bakery is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth with a seemingly endless variety of ice cream flavors that can be enjoyed with apple cobbler, apple cinnamon bread, brownies, or another treat.

Apple Barn Candy Factory

As if the Cider Bar and the Creamery weren’t enough, the Apple Barn near Pigeon Forge also boasts a fantastic Candy Factory! Unsurprisingly, this candy shop makes stellar caramel apples and candied apples. Visitors will also find chocolates, fudge, peanut brittle, turtles, divinity, old-fashioned stick candy, and even more delicious sweets.

Apple Barn Winery

the apple barn winery

Because people loved tasting cider at The Apple Barn & Cider Mill, the owners eventually decided they should look into making other drinks. That’s when they opened the Apple Barn Winery. This winery offers free samples to adults who are 21 and over! This excellent winery makes its wines by repeatedly filtering apple cider and aging it in American Oak barrels. Guests can try a variety of fruit-based vintages, including Apple Blush Wine, Apple-Raspberry Wine, Apple-Strawberry Wine, and Apple-Peach Wine.

Christmas & Candle Shop at the Apple Barn

The holiday season lasts all year long at the Apple Barn’s Christmas & Candle Shop ! This 6,000 square foot store is overflowing with Christmas trees, stockings, ornaments, nativity scenes, angels, crosses, and everything else you need to prepare for December. Visitors will also find over 30 varieties of hand-mixed candles that smell simply amazing. You’ll have no trouble getting in the Christmas spirit through the year at this shop at the Apple Barn near Pigeon Forge.

Since you know so much about the Apple Barn and Cider Mill, you’re ready to go explore when you get to town! Wondering what else you should do while you’re in Sevierville? Check out these fun things to do in Sevierville for first-time visitors for some ideas!

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