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6 Ways to Make Your Vacation at Our Luxury Cabin Rentals in Gatlinburg More Memorable

Happy family taking a selfie at a picnic near our luxury cabin rentals in Gatlinburg.
September 18, 2015

Those planning a vacation in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains are in for a very special treat! When you’re visiting the Smokies, every moment is worth savoring, so we’ve put together six tips for making your memories at our luxury cabin rentals in Gatlinburg last a lifetime:

1. Visit With the Locals

Even though there is plenty of information about Gatlinburg online, you can learn about some unadvertised area treasures by talking to the locals. You might hear about a great restaurant, perfect fishing area, or the best place to view Smoky Mountain wildlife. You’ll find that the locals are extremely friendly here, and they are always ready to share some stories about the amazing history of the Great Smoky Mountains.

2. Create a Vacation Time Capsule

Carved wooden bear souvenir.

Choose an inexpensive souvenir from each activity that you participate in during your visit, and keep them all together in a bag or case. You can also collect things such as rocks, flowers, and bird feathers from your travels (as long as you’re not violating the rules of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park). Open this time capsule at a later date with your children, and you can all talk about the memories associated with each item. This is a great way to remember and highlight the best moments of your vacation!

3. Allow Your Children to be Historians

Give each of your children a disposable camera or another device to take pictures or video of anything that they find interesting during the vacation. When you return home, each child can make a collage out of their pictures or create a video to share with the family. It’s wonderful to see your children point out each photo or moment in a video and explain exactly what’s going on.

4. Do Something Different

Family at a zipline course.

A truly great way to make your vacation memorable at our luxury cabin rentals in Gatlinburg is to do something for the very first time. Both whitewater rafting and zipline adventures are available in the area, and you couldn’t pick a better place to try out these new activities. You may have never had the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding, see the Smoky Mountain fall colors, or hook the perfect trout for dinner, and you can find all of that in Gatlinburg during your vacation. Look around, and you are sure to find many chances to add to your life experiences.

5. Keep a Journal

Give every member of your family a journal just for the vacation. Everyone can write in their journal at the end of each day, and it will be fun to read them when you return home to see what everyone thought about the day’s adventures. Make sure your small children have crayons to draw pictures in their journal!

6. Enjoy One-on-One Time

The majestic Great Smoky Mountains.

Your vacation will be best remembered when special time is set aside for each family member. Those with children should plan to spend some special time with each child at an individualized activity, and that can be something as simple as a nature walk or a scenic drive. Of course, parents should also spend some special time together during vacation!

Here at Timber Tops, we offer the very best luxury cabin rentals in Gatlinburg. Our cabins come with an excellent selections of amenities, including in-cabin swimming pools, hot tubs, home theater rooms, arcade games, outdoor fire pits, and many more great choices. All you need to do is let us know exactly what you would like. Make your reservations with us today, and you can get started making wonderful memories that will last forever!

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