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What You Need To Know Before Winter Hiking In The Smokies

aerial view of downtown Gatlinburg
November 12, 2013

Smoky Mountains covered in snow in the winter

Winter hiking in the Smokies gives visitors a chance to experience the beautiful scenery like no other time of year. When the snow begins to settle atop the trees and the trail, an almost serene feeling permeates the air. Although this time of year is beautiful for avid hikers, there are still many safety tips to keep in mind before blazing the trail for an exciting day!

What to Wear

Two words: dress warm! Keep in mind that the weather will become cooler the higher in elevations you go, so you want to make sure that you are comfortable not only at the beginning of your hike, but towards the end as well. The key here is to avoid water-absorbent fabrics that are not wind resistant. Jeans and cotton don’t do well in protecting you from the elements.

Stick to Trails You Know

Everything looks different with a little snow on it. The reason experts advise that hikers stick to familiar trails is because it’s easier to get lost or confused on a trail you have not hiked before than the other way around.

Have a Buddy

Having a hiking buddy is one of the number one rules to winter hiking in the Smokies. With safety in mind, having a friend of companion with you on the trail ensures that in the chance of something happening there is someone there to help immediately. If you don’t have a friend quite as excited to go hiking as you are, at least make sure you tell someone what times you plan on hiking, and the trail you plan on taking just in case.

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