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5 Incredible Gatlinburg Cabins With Indoor Pools and Home Theaters

Happy baby having fun in an indoor pool in his Gatlinburg cabin

Two of the most popular amenities we offer here at Timber Tops Luxury Cabin Rentals are our indoor pools and home theater rooms. Either one of these special cabin features can really take your vacation to the next level. If you can’t choose between a pool and a theater, don’t worry! Timber Tops offers five amazing Gatlinburg cabins with indoor pools and home theaters: Continue reading

Gas Prices Dropping: Now is the Time for an Affordable Gatlinburg Cabin Vacation

Man filling up car with gas in Gatlinburg

As you’ve probably noticed, gas prices are currently lower than they’ve been in years! The national average for a gallon of gas is $2.05, as of January 21, 2015. Prices are more than a dollar less than they were a year ago.

The city of Gatlinburg, Tennessee is enjoying particularly cheap gas prices, at only $1.85 per gallon. Low fuel costs make now the perfect time to take a road trip to the Great Smoky Mountains area for an affordable Gatlinburg cabin vacation! Continue reading

4 Reasons to Spend Valentine’s Day in a Secluded One Bedroom Cabin in Gatlinburg

Couple drinking wine by the fireplace in their secluded Gatlinburg cabin

Whether you have been married for years or are just beginning a new relationship, the Great Smoky Mountains are the ideal location to spend Valentine’s Day! To help you make the most of this special day with your sweetheart, Timber Tops has put together four reasons you should celebrate your love in a secluded one bedroom cabin in Gatlinburg. Continue reading

5 Tips for a Winter Family Vacation in a Two Bedroom Gatlinburg Cabin

Family posing on the sofa in front of a winter backdrop in their Gatlinburg cabin.

After the end of the holiday season, the winter months can be a bit dreary and slow. If you want to beat the winter blues, grab your family and head to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a week! A special vacation with the ones you love is the perfect pick-me-up to brighten your spirits before springtime comes. With a wide selection of two bedroom Gatlinburg cabins, Timber Tops is guaranteed to have the right vacation rental for your getaway. To help you make the most of your retreat, we have put together five great tips for staying in one of our two bedroom cabins.   Continue reading

Wilderness Wildlife Week 2015: Free Workshops, Guided Hikes, and More

Black bear cub in a tree in the Great Smoky Mountains

One of the most beloved Smoky Mountain traditions is returning next year! The 25th annual Wilderness Wildlife Week will bring thousands of visitors to the Smokies for eight days of free workshops, guided hikes, lectures, musical performances, and more. All of the events celebrate the beauty and history of the Great Smoky Mountains and the surrounding region. Timber Tops has put together a convenient guide with everything you need to know about Wilderness Wildlife Week 2015. Continue reading