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6 Advantages of Vacationing at Pigeon Forge Cabins with Indoor Pools

Two kids having fun at our Pigeon Forge cabins with indoor pools.
December 15, 2015

If you’re looking for a special amenity that will take your vacation to the next level, you just can’t beat an in-cabin pool! Timber Tops has put together six advantages of getting away at one of our Pigeon Forge cabins with indoor pools:

1. A Great Way to Relax

Having your own indoor pool provides you with the perfect way to relax. Even a few minutes in the water has an immediate effect on your body and mind. Going for a swim is a good way to wind down after a morning or afternoon of exploring Pigeon Forge or taking a hike. A few minutes in the pool is also a nice way to relax before dinner. With a pool right in your cabin, you can enjoy this luxury whenever you feel like it.

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2. Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming, or even just relaxing in the water, is one of the healthiest activities for your body. That’s why water therapy is widely recommended for a variety of conditions, from high blood pressure to joint problems. Water has a therapeutic effect on the whole body. Swimming is a type of exercise that has both aerobic and strength-building benefits. When you have your own indoor pool, you can get in some healthy exercise every day of your visit.

3. Enjoy the Water in Any Season

The stunning swimming pool at the Aqua Paradise cabin in Pigeon Forge.

While outdoor pools are nice in the summer, they aren’t very useful during the rest of the year. An indoor pool, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to take a swim in any season. If you’re vacationing in the fall or winter, you can heat your cabin to a comfortable temperature and jump in your pool whenever you please. This gives you the health benefits, relaxation, and fun of spending time in the water regardless of the weather outside.

4. Fun for the Kids

Our Pigeon Forge cabins with indoor pools are ideal for families with kids! Every kid loves to jump in a pool and splash around. When you choose a cabin with a pool, you won’t have to travel anywhere for your kids to have a great time. This gives the kids a place to hang out whenever they need something to do. It also provides them with some healthy activity, so they’re not spending the whole day watching TV or playing on their devices.

5. Save Money on Entertainment

A pool provides a fun place for the whole family to hang out. This helps you to save money on your entertainment budget. With your own indoor pool, you’ll probably find that you’ll want to spend plenty of time right in your cabin. Combined with all of the other amenities found in our properties, such as WiFi, arcade games, HDTVs, DVD players, and pool tables, you’ll be able to find plenty of things to do without having to go out all the time.

6. Swimming Without the Hassles

The excellent swimming pool at A Bears Poolin Paradise cabin in Pigeon Forge.

While visiting a public swimming pool can be fun, it also comes with certain hassles. A public pool may be crowded; you have to remember to use sunscreen; and when you return home, you have all of your wet clothes and towels to deal with. At our cabins with indoor pools, you don’t have to contend with any of these issues. You’ll have the pool all to yourself; you won’t need sunscreen; and when you’re done swimming, you can wash everything right in your cabin’s washing machine. Our cabins with indoor pools provide all the fun and advantages of swimming without any of the drawbacks.

To start planning your vacation, check out our complete selection of Pigeon Forge cabins with indoor pools!

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