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Hiking in the snow covered mountains is one of the top winter activities in Pigeon Forge.
November 14, 2015

Snow covered mountains, twinkly lights and plenty amazing holidays, you guessed it; we are talking about winter. No matter where you are in the United States, winter provides you with the season of enchantment. However, nowhere else in the country can compare to the Pigeon Forge area during the winter. Not only is this amazing city beautiful during the winter time, there are also many amazing winter activities in Pigeon Forge that you and your family are definitely going to want to check out during your visit this winter.

1. Winter Hiking

What is great about Pigeon Forge and Tennessee is unlike the majority of the country you can enjoy hiking in this region year round. Hiking is one of the best winter activities in Pigeon Forge since the leaves have fallen, the Pigeon Forge area displays new discoveries that you and other hikers may not see during the rest of the year. By hiking during the winter season you can experience frozen waterfalls and icicles, snow covered mountain tops and Pigeon Forge history that is typically covered by leaves and other plant life during the warmer months.

Alum Cave is one of the most popular hiking trails during the winter season. During the warmer months, water is typically seen dripping off the cliff from the bluff above. Once the colder weather arrives in Pigeon Forge, the droplets begin to form into frozen icicles giving hikers an outstanding view. Other hiking trails that are great during the winter season include: Andrews Bald, Charlies Bunion, and Porter’s Creek. All of these trails will provide you with wonderful winter views that will really make you appreciate this chilly time of the year.

2. Christmas Shows

Tree covered in ornaments at a Christams show.

Winter is not complete without all of the wonderful holidays that go along with this beautiful season. Another one of the best winter activities in Pigeon Forge to do is to check out the many amazing Christmas entertainment shows. Seeing an entertainment show in Pigeon Forge is a must no matter what time of the year it is, however, during the winter the entertainment shows become alive in the holiday season. Here are a few of the Christmas shows that you should definitely check out this holiday season.

Christmas Show at the Dixie Stampede

The Christmas Show at the Dixie Stampede shows off everything that you love about the holiday season. The Dixie Stampede is transformed into a holiday fantasy with twinkling lights, evergreens, poinsettias, old-fashioned holiday costumes and the classic holiday music. There is a toy segment which features a flying Sugar Plum Fairy, larger than life toys, and a real horse mounted toy soldier all set to the music of the Nutcracker. This show also features a breathtaking live nativity scene, a friendly competition between the elves from the North and South Poles, and of course the mouthwatering 4-course feast that the Dixie Stampede is famous for.

Christmas at the Smoky Mountain Opry

Christmas at the Smoky Mountain Opry is an enchanting show that will light up the spirit of Christmas in your heart. During this breathtaking Christmas show you will get to experience flying sugar plum fairies, soaring angels, dancing elves, enchanted reindeer, and Jolly ol’ Saint Nick himself. However, what makes this Christmas show even more special is that it is home to the area’s largest living nativity. The beautiful costumes, incredible special effects and lavish sets make this Christmas show an unforgettable holiday experience.

Comedy Barn Christmas Show

For a show that will even put your funny bone in the Christmas spirit you are looking for the Comedy Barn Christmas Show . This holiday show will provide you the opportunity to listen to all the Christmas music and see all the Christmas costumes while making you chuckle like ol’ Saint Nick to the Comedy Barn’s Christmas acts. This year the Christmas Show is combining some brand new acts with your favorite acts from the past to bring you the funniest Christmas show in the Smokies.

3. Christmas at Dollywood

The sign and flower display at the entrance to Dollywood.

Checking out Dollywood during any time of the year is amazing however, it becomes one of the best winter activities in Pigeon Forge when the theme park becomes alive for the Christmas season. In November, the Dollywood theme park becomes completely covered in amazing Christmas decorations. The entire park is covered in about 4 million lights and all of the rides and attractions at Dollywood are decorated in elaborate decorations. When you aren’t busy admiring the Christmas decorations you can enjoy one of the many spectacular holiday performances that will be featured throughout the event. The essence of this amazing season is completely captured during Christmas at Dollywood.

These are just a few of the many amazing winter activities in Pigeon Forge that will make your experience extraordinary. To ensure that you will get to experience all that winter in Pigeon Forge has to offer, book one of our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals today.

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