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Top 4 Benefits of Vacationing at Our Gatlinburg Cabins on the River

Someone tubing close to our Gatlinburg cabins on the river.
June 18, 2015

When people go on vacation the thing that they want most of all is relaxation. It’s an opportunity to escape the pressures of “real life” in favor of spending a few days in splendid seclusion while enjoying the company of family or friends. Renting one of our Gatlinburg cabins on the river is a great way to experience a genuinely relaxing vacation. Here are four reasons why you should choose a luxurious river cabin for your summer getaway:

1. Everything You Need Is at Your Fingertips

Many vacations involve being constantly on the go. You rush from your hotel to a theme park, museum, or other attraction, only to hurry on to the next stop on your itinerary. By the end of the day, you’re exhausted and your memories of the experience are a jumbled blur.

When you choose one of our Gatlinburg cabins on the river, you don’t have to go anywhere to have a great time. Fishing, tubing, and swimming are all immediately available to you. If you don’t feel like getting in the car to go somewhere, you don’t have to. You can enjoy fantastic quality time with your family or by yourself without leaving your well-appointed cabin. Whether you’re indoors or out, our riverside cabins have everything you need.

2. The View Is Always Beautiful

Great photo taken from one of our Gatlinburg cabins on the river.

Few things are as lovely to look at as a river. When you stay at one of our waterfront cabins, you’ll have a spectacular view from most of your windows. Even better, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to a deck that makes it possible to sit back and relax in style while your gaze rests on a lazy river. If you want to get even closer, that’s all right too. Feel free to take a chair down to the river bank or perch on an available rock. Sunsets and sunrises are particularly enchanting. Watch the way the sun glints off the surface of the river. It’s a sight you’re not likely to forget.

3. Enjoy the Sounds of Nature

When you open your windows at night at home, what do you hear? If you’re like most city dwellers, you hear car alarms, loud music, and someone else’s conversation. The experience is considerably different when you rent one of our luxurious cabins. Imagine being lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of the river. You’ll hear the call of the night birds and maybe the rustling of some small critters in the underbrush, but it’s the river that punctuates everything. Many people experience the best sleep they’ve had in years at our cabins. Of course, the top-of-the-line mattresses and linens help. However, the proximity of the river and its soothing sounds are what really create the nighttime magic around here.

4. You’re Close to Everything

Picnic table outside of our Gatlinburg cabins on the river.

Our Gatlinburg cabins on the river give you the opportunity to escape from civilization for a while, but if you want to get out and explore the region, that’s fine too. Many of these cabins are surprisingly close to downtown Gatlinburg, Dollywood, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and other popular area attractions. You can easily spend the day taking in more of the gorgeous countryside and then head back to your riverside cabin for an exceptionally relaxing evening and restful night. Your explorations will be all the sweeter thanks to having such a wonderful place to call your home away from home.

To start planning your vacation, check out four of our popular riverside cabins below!

  • River Adventure Lodge
  • River View
  • Riverdance
  • River Mist Lodge

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