5 Benefits of Staying in a Smoky Mountain Cabin with a Theater Room

Get the full movie theater experience from the comfort of your own cabin! Instead of paying a fortune on tickets and snacks when you and your family go out to see a movie, save some money with your own private theater room! To help you see why this amenity is so great, here are 5 benefits that come with staying in a Smoky Mountain cabin with this special amenity.

1. Perfect Rainy Day Activity

Nothing is worse than having your afternoon plans ruined by inclement weather. Luckily if you stay in a Smoky Mountain cabin with a theater room, you’ll always have a backup activity! You could keep the rest of the family occupied with a show or movie while you figure out what the next step will be. On the other hand, you could also just stay in as the rain comes down and enjoy a cozy afternoon of entertainment in front of the big screen!

2. Watch All Your Favorites

kid watching movieThe downside about going to watch a movie in an actual theater is that typically, you only watch one movie and then you’re done. However, if you have your own private theater room, you can binge watch all your favorite shows or movie series. Another pitfall about going to a theater is that if you and your group don’t agree on what to watch, chances are someone will have to give in and see a movie they aren’t that excited about. With a theater room, you can simply take turns watching the movies that you all love.

3. Entertainment on Your Time

Why rush yourself to go to the theater and make it before the trailers end when you can just enjoy a movie on your own time? When you stay in a Smoky Mountain cabin with a theater room, you can watch whatever you want at any time of the day. You also don’t have to freak out about missing parts of it because you’re getting popcorn at the concession stand, or need a bathroom break. Instead, you can simply pause what you’re watching and then continue right where you left off when you return.

4. Wear Whatever You Want

Sometimes, it’s fun to get dressed up and go out. However, even though you might look great, it’s definitely not fun to deal with restricting clothes or shiver through the movie because you forgot to bring a jacket and the air kicked on. Comfort is all that matters most when you have your own theater room. Show up in your pajamas and bunny slippers without being judged! You can even bring pillows and blankets so you can stay nice and cozy while you’re being entertained.

5. Easy Access to Snacks

Kitchen in large cabin in Pigeon ForgeAnother great thing about having your own theater room is that you can eat the snacks you actually want! Whenever your stomach starts to growl, just take a quick trip to the kitchen and stock up on all your favorite treats. This is especially great if you have any picky eaters in your family because outside food is typically frowned upon or banned altogether in most movie theaters.

Make your next getaway one for the books, with this convenient and entertaining amenity. Browse our selection of Smoky Mountain cabins with theater rooms to find the perfect place to stay.