3 Gatlinburg Winter Attractions That Will Blow Your Mind

Family fun, mind blowing attractions and a winter wonderland all sound amazing, but what you won’t expect is to find a place that has all three of those things together. Well surprisingly, there is such a place for you and your family to visit this winter. Gatlinburg, Tennessee combines all of those amazing things into one great location that you will definitely want to check out this winter.

During your visit you want to visit the best and brightest that Gatlinburg has to offer. Well here are some Gatlinburg winter attractions that will definitely blow your mind this season.

1. Gatlinburg Winterfest

The Gatlinburg Winterfest is a magical celebration that begins in late fall and extends through the beginning of March. Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville team together with local businesses to bring you the most festive Christmas and winter season lighting displays in East Tennessee. Millions of twinkling lights are arranged in festive theme displays that will offer you a ton of enjoyment. The beginning of Winterfest is devoted to the Christmas and New Year season. After that the focus shifts on the amazing history of the Gatlinburg area with great events that highlight the culture of the area.

2. Ober GatlinburgA man skiing down a snowy mountain.

What winter is complete without hitting the slopes? Well you can do just that at one of the greatest Gatlinburg winter attractions, Ober Gatlinburg. Though Tennessee typically does not get much snow at Ober Gatlinburg you will get to experience plenty of snow. Ober Gatlinburg allows you and your loved ones to hit the slopes on either skis or a snowboard. Don’t worry, if you aren’t experienced on the slopes, Ober Gatlinburg offers lessons where you can learn at your own pace and in no time you will become a natural on the slopes. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can also go snow tubing! Ober Gatlinburg opens around mid-December and is open through early to mid March, this changes depending the weather each year. 

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3. Mountain Views

After a busy day of hitting the slopes of the mountains near Gatlinburg you will want to admire those beautiful beasts that you conquered. One of the best Gatlinburg winter attractions are the gorgeous mountains that surround the area. The mountains that surround Gatlinburg will become snow-capped in the winter time and are a beautiful sight that you will not want to miss out on. There are many great locations that you check out these many amazing mountain views. What is great about the Gatlinburg area is that there are mountain views that you can drive right up to and others that you have to hike to. Some of the best mountain views during the winter season that you will want to check out include Clingman’s Dome, Charlies Bunion and much, much more.

beautiful snow covered mountain in Gatlinburg.Gatlinburg is the best place to visit during the snowy season. With outstanding Gatlinburg winter attractions and a winter wonderland to play in, why not enjoy this amazing season in this beautiful area of the country? While you are looking at these great attractions don’t forget to check out our outstanding Gatlinburg cabin rentals, that will make your trip this winter that much sweeter.