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How to Plan a Family Reunion at Our Vacation Cabin Rentals in Gatlinburg Tennessee

A family reunion group near our vacation cabin rentals in Gatlinburg Tennessee.
January 28, 2016

If it’s a rare occurrence for parents, grandparents, and grandchildren to all spend time together in your family, maybe it’s time for a multigenerational vacation in Gatlinburg! Getting away with three generations is a special opportunity for grandparents to bond with grandchildren, and for parents to enjoy some time off duty. To help you plan the perfect trip, Timber Tops has put together a handful of tips for a family reunion at our vacation cabin rentals in Gatlinburg Tennessee:

Get Input from the Whole Family

Your family members are guaranteed to enjoy your vacation more if they had a hand in planning it. Make sure that kids, parents, and grandparents all have a say in where you stay and what your itinerary looks like. If it isn’t feasible for everyone to meet up before your trip, use Skype or a conference call to have a group planning session.

Pick the Right Cabin

The Mountain Memories cabin near Gatlinburg.

Sharing a cabin is perfect for a multigenerational getaway because everyone will be together under the same roof. At the same time, cabins offer plenty of privacy when you want it. Our 3 bedroom vacation cabin rentals in Gatlinburg Tennessee are an excellent option, as they offer separate rooms for parents, grandparents, and kids. This way, everybody in your group can go to sleep and wake up when they want without disturbing the rest of the family.

Don’t Be Afraid to Split Up for Part of the Day

While you should definitely spend lots of time with the whole family, it’s also good to break up into smaller groups for certain activities. Grandparents will love taking the kids to the various fudge shops in downtown Gatlinburg to buy their grandchildren something sweet, while parents can take a romantic stroll along the River Walk. Likewise, parents and children can ride all of the roller coasters at Dollywood, while grandparents enjoy the theme park’s music shows and restaurants. If possible, bring more than one car on your trip to make splitting up easier.

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Plan Activities for When Everyone is at Their Best

Grandfather and granddaughter in the forest.

Everyone has certain parts of the day when they have the most energy, so try to schedule your family’s vacation activities accordingly. Young children and grandparents are both typically up and at ‘em early in the morning, so be sure to take advantage of this by heading into town as soon as everyone wakes up. On the other hand, teenagers love to sleep late, so make sure that you hold off on visiting any of their favorite attractions until the early afternoon. As we mentioned above, there is nothing wrong with breaking up into smaller groups, so feel free to leave your sleeping teenagers back at the cabin during the morning. Jut don’t forget to pick them up for lunch!

To start planning your family reunion, check out our complete selection of vacation cabin rentals in Gatlinburg Tennessee. If you have any questions about our properties, don’t hesitate to give our friendly vacation specialists a call!

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