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Top 4 Reasons to Eat at the MonsterMash Restaurant in Sevierville TN

monstermash burgers restaurant
September 7, 2020

If you’re looking for a place to go for incredible food and a great theme, you should eat at MonsterMash Burgers. This monster-themed hamburger and hot dog restaurant in Sevierville TN is inspired by the love of classic monster movies, books, and legends, making it one of the most unique places to eat in the Smokies! Here are the top 4 reasons why you need to dine at the MonsterMash restaurant in Sevierville TN:

1. Delicious Food Creations

You’ll have to visit MonsterMash Burgers to believe the side and grandeur of their burgers! Some of the tasty burger specialties on the menu include the Sasquatch American Burger, Lochness Seafood Burger, Godzilla Pork Burger, and the Boogeyman Breakfast Burger. If you are more of a hot dog fan, check out the Hogzilla Dog, Mothman Dog, or the Jersey Devil Dog! There are plenty of other goodies on the menu too, ranging from salads to mac and cheese dishes! There is even a special menu of Lil’ Monster Creations just for the kids in your family.

2. Fun Dining Atmosphere

One of the best things about the MonsterMash restaurant in Sevierville TN is the fun dining atmosphere! Each of the dining rooms highlight classic monster and folklore legends in a creative way, and all of the old classic movies will be playing for your enjoyment! One part of the eating area is dedicated to all of the monsters you loved as a kid, including Frankenstein, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and more. Be sure not to miss the Mad Scientist Lab Style Bar where you can order some crazy potions that might even glow or magically change color.

3. Signature Monster Shakes

crazy chocolate milkshake

No visit to MonsterMash Burgers is complete with sampling some of their signature monster shakes! You will definitely want to sick your teeth into the Vampire Delight, which has homemade vanilla ice cream, cream cheese chunks, mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and a piece of red velvet cake! Another speciality shake is the One Eyed Purple People Eater, where you can enjoy a mixture of homemade berry ice cream, sugar cookie bits, white chocolate ganache, white chocolate chips, and a sugar cookie eye!

4. MonsterMash Burger Challenge

If you are visiting the MonsterMash restaurant in Sevierville TN with a group of friends, consider getting the Frankenstein Monster Burger or the Kong Burger! The Frankenstein Monster Burger has an entire pound of beef, 12 slices of cheese, 3 footlong hot dogs, and more! On the other hand, the Kong Burger features pounds of grilled sirloin, pulled pork, smoked brisket, braised short ribs, and tons of other toppings. These massive burgers feed 2 to 4 people and are a fun way to split a meal with the gang. However, if you can manage to eat one of these monstrous burgers all by yourself in an hour or less, the burger is free!

Since you know why you need to dine at the MonsterMash restaurant in Sevierville TN, check out all of our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals to stay close to this unique dining establishment! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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