3 Tips On Preparing To Stay In Our Pet Friendly Smoky Mountain Cabins

Make sure you and your pet get the most out of your next vacation to the Smoky Mountains by following our simple tips on how to prepare for your trip. From what to pack to how to settle in, these tips are sure to make your experience here one to remember.

How to Prepare For Our Pet Friendly Smoky Mountain Cabins

Before You Leave Home

To make sure that both you and your dog have the best vacation possible inside our pet friendly Smoky Mountain cabins, we want to emphasize the importance of getting a head start on preparing for your trip.

Here are some things to help you prepare for your next vacation in our pet friendly cabins:

  • Check that your contact information on the collar tag or microchip is up-to-date.
  • Make sure your dog has had its annual shots.
  • Identify a local vet in case of emergency.
  • If you are driving, map out rest stops to give you and your dog a break along the way.

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For In The Car

Dog in the car on the way to a pet friendly Smoky Mountain cabinfDogs are a lot like humans when it comes to traveling in a car. They will probably want space to stretch out and possibly take a nap during the journey to the Smoky Mountains. That is why we recommend that you make sure to clear a space for them to get comfortable and relax.

For extra assurance, you can purchase a pet-specific harness that attaches to your car’s seat belts that will protect your pet if you have to stop suddenly. Seatbelt safety isn’t limited to the two-legged members of your family.

It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave out a toy or a bone for your dog to chew on during the drive. This will help keep them from getting restless and possibly agitated. Just like you pack a book to read or games for your kids, your dog will probably enjoy having something to keep him/her entertained in the car as well.

dog enjoying a pet friendly Smoky Mountain cabin vacationFor In The Cabin

Once you arrive at our pet friendly Smoky Mountain cabins, you can immediately start making it feel like home. This means you will want to start to put away your clothes, any groceries and settle in for your vacation. The same goes for your dog.

It is a good idea to make your pet feel at home in your cabin as soon as you arrive. As a dog owner, you probably understand how sometimes our furry friends get a little anxious when they are introduced to a new environment.

You can help ease any possible tension by setting up their dog bed in a similar spot you keep it at home, setting out a water bowl in an easily-accessible spot and allowing him/her to get acclimated with the space while you are around. What you don’t want to do is drop your dog off and immediately leave.

In addition, if you want to go out to dinner or an attraction that isn’t as pet-friendly as our cabins, we request that you bring a collapsible crate or carrying case for your pet to rest in while you are away. This will help ensure that you won’t return back to your cabin to find any ‘happy accidents.’  It also helps you stay in compliance with our pet policy that asks dog owners to keep their pet in a crate when they are away.

If you do not have your own crate for your pet, you can rent one for us during the length of your stay. To reserve it, simply let us know when you are making your reservation.

dog lounging in a pet friendly Smoky Mountain cabinTo make the crate more comfortable, we recommend that you bring a soft blanket or old t-shirt from home. Not only does this give your pet something comfortable to lay on, it also will help remind him/her of home thanks to the familiar smells these items carry. Also, don’t forget to toss in a few toys or bones to keep your pooch happy while you are gone.

For When You Want to Explore

Unfortunately, not all of the attractions and restaurants in the Smoky Mountains are as pet friendly as our cabins. We also know that you may not want to keep your dog crated all day, they are on vacation too after all. So to keep both you and your pet happy, we would like to introduce you to some of our favorite doggie-day cares in the area.

Thanks to these pet friendly places, you can drop your dog off for a relaxing day and continue on with whatever adventure you have planned. A few of our favorite dog boarders in the Smoky Mountains include:

Start planning your next trip to our pet friendly Smoky Mountain cabins today by giving us a call! You can also reach us by filling out this contact form. One of our travel experts will be respond to you as quickly as possible.