Reasons to Choose a Private Secluded Cabin in Gatlinburg for Your Vacation

When you visit Gatlinburg, do you like spending time relaxing and enjoying the amenities in the cabin? When you choose to stay in a private secluded cabin in Gatlinburg with Timber Tops Cabin Rentals, you can have all of the luxuries of staying in a cabin while being far enough away to spend time in the peace and quiet. But these aren’t the only reasons guests choose secluded cabins. Find out why a private secluded cabin in Gatlinburg may be the perfect place for you:

No Crowds in Your Way

When you’re looking to relax, you want to get away from the crowds and spend some time resting without all of the hustle and bustle of the area. You can avoid crowds when you retreat to one of our secluded cabins in Gatlinburg, so you and your guests will be able to fully relax.

Plenty of Space to YourselfTwo chairs sitting on the deck of a Pigeon Forge cabin rental

Not only do the secluded cabins give you the comfort of avoiding crowds when you retreat back to your rental, you will also have plenty of space in the cabin for everyone to spend time alone if they choose. So, not only are the cabins private, they have private spaces within them, so everyone can be comfortable.

Same Quality Amenities as Other Cabins

Just because you’re staying in a private secluded cabin in Gatlinburg doesn’t mean you have to forfeit all of the awesome amenities that are available in the cabins! In fact, these cabins have just as many great amenities as all of the rest!

With everything from indoor pools, movie theater rooms and bubbling hot tubs, there’s lots of great amenities for your stay. We guarantee these cabins won’t disappoint you and your guests, and you’re sure to have a great time enjoying all of the perks of these rentals!

Enjoy the Peace and Quiet of the Smokies

While some guests like to be a part of all of the action throughout the day, others enjoy spending time in the peace and quiet of their cabin. Whatever you may like best, just spend some time listening to the peace of the Smokies while you’re visiting!

Couple holding eachother smiling at their Pigeon Forge cabin rentalHow to Save Money on Your Private Secluded Cabin in Gatlinburg for Your Vacation

At Timber Tops Luxury Cabin Rentals, we offer a selection of Gatlinburg cabin specials throughout the year. Make sure to check back regularly, so you can take a look at our upcoming specials for your vacation planning. This way, you can save the most money possible for your visit.

You can also take advantage of Timber Tops’ Luxury Pass when you’re looking for free Gatlinburg attraction tickets. With this pass, when you stay with Timber Tops, you will receive 1 free attraction ticket per paid night’s stay, but each ticket expires daily, so you’ll want to make sure to use them as they’re available! You won’t want to miss out on the additional savings!

At Timber Tops, we want you to have the best vacation to Gatlinburg possible! We’re happy to help you choose the best cabin for your stay, so be sure to give us a call when you’re ready to book your private secluded cabin in Gatlinburg!