6 Smoky Mountain Restaurants You Really Don’t Want to Miss

One of the best things about going on vacation is that you don’t have to cook. You get to go out and try new food or eat at restaurants you don’t have back home. You can find local gems or try a restaurant that all your friends have been talking about.

We’ve got 6 Smoky Mountain restaurants you should definitely try on your next vacation!

1. Frank Allen’s Market & Grill

This local gem is the perfect place to get an amazing cheeseburger! You’ll never visit this Smoky Mountain restaurant when it’s not busy, but that’s part of its charm! Walk up to the counter to order and then either sit at the counter and wait on your food or grab a booth!

If you want a drink to go with your food, just walk up to the fountain and grab the size you want. Or grab a bottled drink out of one of the coolers. If you want something sweet to eat after your meal, grab a candy bar! You will pay for all of it at the register at the front of the store. Give them your ticket for your food and tell them what all else you had! After you visit here, you will understand why the locals try to keep it a secret!

2. Margaritaville

Margaritaville is a classic for any Jimmy Buffett fan! The menu at this tropically themed restaurant has a wide variety of choices, so there will be something for everyone! If you are out with your family, the kiddos will love the atmosphere and marvel at the decor.

The Melting Pot in Gatlinburg TnOr, if you are out with friends, you will enjoy the variety of drinks you can get! Order a couple margaritas or daiquiris and enjoy a night out! You could also order a few appetizers to hold you over until dinner if you visit around lunch.

3. The Melting Pot

Get ready to fondue at this restaurant! You will enjoy this casual yet sophisticated setting for lunch or dinner. Located in the center of Gatlinburg, at The Melting Pot you will be treated to cheese and chocolate fondue or a full fondue meal!

You have your choice of dessert fondue, and you can also have a garden fresh salad in between your appetizer and entree. You’ll have your choice of cheese fondue and which meat and veggies you want to eat. Don’t fill up too quickly, though! You definitely don’t want to miss out on the chocolate fondue at the end!

4. Holston’s Kitchen

Holston’s Kitchen is a nice Smoky Mountain restaurant that has a great choice of foods. Some are even named in honor of the local high school’s mascot! Located on Dolly Parton Parkway, you can hit this food stop on your way into the city.

The portions at this restaurant are generous and the food is top notch! Many locals frequent here, especially during football season! You can sit at the bar and watch the game or be seated and enjoy the unique atmosphere.

5. Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is the best place to get hibachi style food! They can cook your food in front of you on a flat grill or you can sit at a tableLittle Tokyo restaurant in Pigeon Forge TN and have your food brought out to you. They also have an amazing selection of sushi.

Lunch portions are small enough to tide you over until dinner. And if you go during dinner, you won’t leave here hungry! You may even leave with some extra food. The food reheats well the day after you eat here, so make sure you eat it as soon as possible! You’ll get a salad and soup before your entree is brought out to you too!

6. Smoky Mountain Brewery

This Gatlinburg restaurant offers not only microbrewed beer, but also beautiful views of downtown Gatlinburg. The dining room at the Smoky Mountain Brewery looks out across Gatlinburg, and since they are open late you will get to see the city all in lights.

You can get lunch or dinner here, and you will enjoy the food you get no matter what! While their wings are amazing, they have a very diverse menu for you to choose from, so even the pickiest eater will find something to eat!

There are so many Smoky Mountain restaurants for you to try, you’d almost have to take a vacation specifically dedicated to eating at all of them! We think that these 6 are some of the best, and we encourage you to try them all!

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