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6 Tips for Having an Awesome Cookout at Our Gatlinburg TN Cabins for Rent

Various meats and vegetables on the grill at our Gatlinburg TN cabins for rent.
August 13, 2015

At Timber Tops Luxury Cabin Rentals, we provide you with all of the amenities you need to enjoy the best of the Smoky Mountains. One of the benefits of staying at one of our cabins is that you can cook your own meals whenever you want. In addition to fully equipped kitchens, many of our Gatlinburg TN cabins for rent come with outdoor grills. The following six tips will help you plan a fun, delicious, and hassle-free cookout at your cabin:

1. Bring the Right Supplies

Little girl eating a hot dog at our Gatlinburg TN cabins for rent.

Everyone will be able to better appreciate the delicious meats and side dishes if you have the proper tools for preparing and serving food. This includes a sturdy set of tongs, a meat thermometer, and sharp knives for cutting steaks. Your cabin’s kitchen will already be stocked with dishes, utensils, flatware, pots, and pans.

Before you leave home, be sure to confirm whether your cabin comes with a gas grill or a charcoal grill. Our cabin owners typically don’t supply charcoal, so guests will need to pick some up at a local grocery. Also, don’t forget to bring a lighter and lighter fluid if you choose a cabin with a charcoal grill. For a complete list of what you will and won’t find waiting for you in your cabin, check out the Features and Furnishings section of our Frequently Asked Questions page.

2. Prepare Ahead and Time Everything

One problem that occurs at many cookouts is that it takes a lot longer to prepare everything than you anticipated. It’s best to make a checklist of everything you need so you won’t have to make a last minute dash to the grocery store. You can prepare the side dishes, such as coleslaw, macaroni salad, or potato salad early in the morning or the night before. Finally, make sure you fire up the grill early enough. With a charcoal grill, you should leave at least 45 minutes to get the grill ready.

3. Serve a Variety of Foods

LeConte Overlook, one of our Gatlinburg TN cabins for rent with a grill.

If it’s just your immediate family enjoying a cookout outside your cabin, it’s fine to stick to one type of meat, such as burgers or steaks. If, however, you are cooking for a larger group, you should accommodate a variety of tastes. Some possibilities include hot dogs, chicken, ribs, and seafood. If there are vegetarians in your group, you might also include veggie burgers. A variety of vegetables and side dishes will also ensure that everyone will have something to savor.

4. Don’t Forget Dessert

While the main focus at a barbecue is the meat and side dishes, it’s also nice to give people something sweet to finish up the feast. At our Gatlinburg TN cabins for rent, you’ll have a refrigerator and freezer to store cold deserts. Getting a few quarts of ice cream in various flavors is one of the best ways to end a summer cookout. For more great dessert ideas, check out our guide to the best candy shops in Gatlinburg.

5. Play Some Tunes

Music makes the atmosphere at your cookout more festive and keeps everyone’s energy level up. If you have a boombox, you can play your favorite CDs. An iPod or MP3 player with speakers is another option. There are also portable speakers that can play streaming music from your smartphone. Perhaps someone in your group is a musician and has a guitar or other instrument handy to provide some live music. If you’re having a cookout with a large group, try to cater to everyone’s musical tastes.

5. Keep the Bugs at Bay

Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill at our Gatlinburg TN cabins for rent.

Whether you’re in Gatlinburg or anywhere else, a cookout is going to attract a variety of unwanted guests. From bees to ants to the dreaded mosquito, you may not be able to completely ban bugs from your barbecue. There are, however, steps you can take to prevent them from taking over. You should start off by making sure you have plenty of bug repellent on hand. Citronella candles are good for discouraging mosquitoes. Also, try to keep the food covered as much as possible when it’s not actually being consumed.

To find the perfect property to host your vacation cookout, check out our complete listing of Gatlinburg TN cabins for rent!

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