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candies made in the old mill candy kitchen
October 7, 2019

While you’re out having fun, you might get hungry and wonder where you should go for a snack. You have plenty of snack restaurants in Pigeon Forge where you can get a pick-me-up and head back to all the fun things you want to do! Here are the top 5 snack restaurants in Pigeon Forge you should try:

1. Frios

blueberry popsicles

On a warm day, you’re ready for a treat that will help cool you down. Frios serves specialty popsicles everyone in your family will love! You’ll find all kinds of flavors at Frios. Some are decadent, such as chocolate mint or creamy coconut. They also serve all kinds of fruity flavors, from blackberry ginger lemonade to strawberry mango. When you get your popsicle, it comes with a cupcake liner around the bottom to prevent spills!

2. Old Mill Candy Kitchen

Need dessert after a meal or want to watch experts at work? The Old Mill Candy Kitchen feels like an old-timey candy kitchen with fresh treats on display. They have caramel apples covered in a variety of treats. Try creamy truffles and crunch into all kinds of brittles. Don’t want chocolate or caramel? Don’t worry; the Old Mill Candy Kitchen also has fruity and sour candies! You can also watch the candymakers at work while in the store. Watch them pour caramel and chocolate and pull taffy and cut candy sticks.

3. Yee Haw Snack Shack

four hot dogs with all kinds of toppings

Are you having fun at The Island and want a savory snack at one of the restaurants in Pigeon Forge? Stop by the Yee Haw Snack Shack ! You can get a hot dog with all your favorite toppings and chili pies. For something a little sweeter, get frozen bananas, root beer floats, or oreo churros. Yee Haw Snack Shack also has New Orleans Snow Balls in every flavor imaginable.

4. Cookie Dough Monster

Who doesn’t love to eat cookie dough? Now you can eat as much as you want at Cookie Dough Monster ! They have white chocolate macadamia and chocolate chip, as well as unique flavors such as apple pie. Cookie Dough Monster also serves freshly baked cookies. You can also get milkshakes and french toast in a variety of flavors. Want something savory? Get a grilled cheese, buffalo chicken dip, or onion rings.

5. Smoky Mountain Gourmet Popcorn

buttery popcorn

Who doesn’t love popcorn as a snack? At Smoky Mountain Gourmet Popcorn, you can get the classic buttery movie popcorn or try one of the many flavors they offer. Get something spicy like cheddar jalapeno or sriracha. Try something savory like ranch, loaded baked potato, or dill pickle. They also serve candy flavors that are fruity or sour. You’ll also find favorites like caramel or chocolate.

You have a large variety of snack restaurants in Pigeon Forge for when you need something to eat between meals! If you’re wondering where else you should try for meals or even attractions to check out, look at our Luxury Pass. You’ll receive these great deals when you book a cabin with us!

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