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Sweet Treats: 4 Best Places to Get Dessert in Pigeon Forge

Old Mill Creamery
January 24, 2022

While you are probably familiar with all the amazing restaurants in Pigeon Forge, we decided to talk a little bit about everyone’s favorite thing, dessert! From a young age, our bodies are attracted to all things sugary. Luckily, when you visit the Smoky Mountains, there are a ton of amazing places that can help you satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are 4 of the best places to get dessert in Pigeon Forge:

1. Mad Dog’s Creamery

Dog eating ice cream

If you aren’t quite sure what you are craving, Mad Dog’s Creamery is the place for you! They have a multitude of different sweet treats, including ice cream, funnel cakes, and donuts! With 24 different flavors of ice cream, you can also create your own unique ice cream flavor by mixing and matching options. Because of their wide variety, Mad Dog’s is one the best places for everyone to get dessert in Pigeon Forge, including the dog! That’s right, you can even bring your furry friend to get a pup cup or doggie donut treat.

2. Funnel Cake Factory

Do you like funnel cake? If so, you can’t miss out on a visit to the Funnel Cake Factory . They have just about any type of specialty cake you can imagine, including the Fruity Pebbles! It is a regular powdered sugar funnel cake that is topped with Fruity Pebbles cereal! If you want it extra sweet, you can also add a scoop of ice cream to any funnel cake on the menu. Want to keep it simple? You can’t go wrong with an original funnel cake or a hot fudge cake with whipped cream!

3. Curl de la Creme

Rolled Ice Cream

Have you ever heard of rolled ice cream? Curl de la Creme has brought this new trend to the Smoky Mountains in an attempt to open something new and exciting. If you don’t know how the process works, it is really quite simple. Your order starts off with one of their three base flavors of liquid cream. From there, you become the artist and can build your own masterpiece by adding in whatever toppings you like. From candies and cookies to swirls and sauces, there are an endless amount of combinations for your ultimate rolled ice cream!

4. Old Mill Creamery

The Old Mill Creamery makes ice cream the old fashioned way, making it a sweet treat to die for. Not only do they hand make all the ice cream in the store, but you can also add in special flavors from some of the other shops in The Old Mill square, including the candy store, bakery, and even spirits from the Old Forge Distillery! There is something different about homemade desserts, and that is exactly what you will when you visit The Old Mill Creamery!

Our Pigeon Forge cabins rentals can put you just minutes away from the best places to get dessert in Pigeon Forge, in addition to all the amazing entertainment shows and attractions! Browse through our rentals to find the perfect one for your next family vacation. We hope to see you soon in the Smoky Mountains!

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