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4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mel’s Diner in Pigeon Forge

mels diner
February 11, 2024

Mel’s Diner has been a popular spot to grab delicious diner food for almost 30 years! This establishment is family owned and operated in the heart of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Mel’s Diner is like stepping back in time! Enjoy all the wonderful classic 50’s diner decorations and tasty dishes. Here are 4 reasons why you should visit Mel’s Diner in Pigeon Forge:

1. It's a Blast From the Past

mel's diner

A jukebox, neon signs, and chrome are just some of the features of a classic American diner! These characteristics are each found at Mel’s Diner in Pigeon Forge . When you visit this diner, it will feel like a blast from the past! The diner is decorated in such a way that feels like you are stepping into the 1950s! As you approach the entrance, you’ll love the bold neon sign and chrome that surrounds the building. Inside, find a tile counter, classic bar stools, vinyl booths, and 1950’s style art on the walls! You’ll have a great time just visiting this place for the aesthetic and atmosphere alone!

2. It's Highly Rated

Mel’s Diner in Pigeon Forge is one of the most highly rated budget-friendly restaurants in the area! There are over 12,000 reviews on Google with an overall very positive rating. Past guests highlight the ample portion sizes, excellent service, and fun atmosphere! It is no wonder why Mel’s Diner in Pigeon Forge has been so popular for all these years! Give it a try and find out why guests return time and time again.

3. It Has a Variety of Classic Options

mels diner sign

If you are looking for a variety of classic options, Mel’s Diner in Pigeon Forge is the right place for you! They offer a full menu and are open till 12 AM every day except Sunday. Enjoy the convenience of having access to breakfast all day long, a choice of over 20 different burgers or sandwiches, and milkshakes! Are you feeling like a burger for breakfast? Mel’s Diner in Pigeon Forge can make that happen! They are also well known for their delicious banana split! You’ll love it all when you try out this restaurant!

4. Mel's Diner in Pigeon Forge is Budget Friendly

Who doesn’t love to save money that you can put towards your vacation? When you are on vacation, save money by eating out at Mel’s Diner in Pigeon Forge. The items on the menu are very affordable without lacking quality! They also have a kid’s menu for the little ones that are reasonably priced. The value continues to grow! When you order a burger, you will get to pick a side to go with it. Choose between chips, fries, pasta salad, or potato salad. Interested in an entree? You will get to choose 2 sides and Texas toast. Enjoy a delicious affordable meal when you dine at Mel’s Diner in Pigeon Forge!

Are you ready for a tasty classic meal after learning the 4 reasons why you should visit Mel’s Diner in Pigeon Forge? Don't miss a visit to this popular restaurant! Check out some of the other things to do in Pigeon Forge and let the fun continue after your meal. We look forward to welcoming you soon to the Smokies!

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