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5 Breakfast Restaurants in Pigeon Forge Perfect for Families

mama's farmhouse a pigeon forge restaurant
July 5, 2021

Don’t try to decide where you’ll eat breakfast the day of! You should have a few ideas of where you can grab breakfast out so you don’t have to look it up when everyone is hungry. From pancakes to biscuits and gravy, you’ll find Pigeon Forge restaurants that have all your breakfast favorites. Here are 5 breakfast restaurants in Pigeon Forge that are perfect for families:

1. Old Mill Restaurant

Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge

One of the top places to eat breakfast in Pigeon Forge is the Old Mill Restaurant . They have all the southern staples: biscuits and sausage gravy, pancakes covered in warm syrup, and country ham. Get delicious bacon, eggs cooked to order, and stone ground grits. A specialty you won’t find anywhere else is the cinnamon raisin bread french toast; the bread is baked in their bakery every day. Your kids can have bacon and eggs, eggs and pancakes, or biscuits and gravy. This is a great place to go for the whole family for breakfast!

2. Mama’s Farmhouse

For a true family experience, you should eat at Mama’s Farmhouse for breakfast. This is an all-you-can-eat Pigeon Forge restaurant where food is served family style. You’ll feel like you’re at your grandmother’s house since you pass around food on large platters to share with your table. The staples served at Mama’s include applewood bacon, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, sausage patties, sausage gravy, and cheese grits. You will also get to try some of their specialties, which include pinwheels, chicken tenders, belgian waffles, hash brown casserole, and buttermilk biscuits. To go over the biscuits, you can choose chocolate gravy, peach butter, or strawberry butter. Everyone in your family will love eating at Mama’s Farmhouse!

3. Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin

If pancakes are a breakfast staple in your house, then you should eat at Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin . This breakfast restaurant in Pigeon Forge has classic buttermilk pancakes for people who prefer traditional staples. If you want to try pancakes with a twist, get the sticky bun pancakes, grandma’s peanut butter and banana pancakes, or Reese’s pancakes. Flapjack’s also has an assortment of omelets filled with protein and veggies, or you can try one of the skillets, which includes hash browns topped with eggs, peppers, onions, chorizo, cheese, and much more. Your family will love the variety at Flapjack’s!

4. Sawyer’s Farmhouse Restaurant

Sawyer’s Farmhouse Restaurant is a great Pigeon Forge restaurant to go for breakfast with your family. Your kids can choose off their own menu, and they can choose from cereal and milk, eggs served with pancakes, biscuits and gravy, chocolate chip pancakes, or blueberry pancakes. Kids don’t get all the delicious pancakes though! Adults can order chocolate chip pancakes, M&Ms pancakes, or classic buttermilk pancakes, or you could also get french toast or waffles. If you want a little bit of everything, get one of the breakfast platters! These platters include eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and much more. Your whole family will enjoy your meal at Sawyer’s!

5. Mel’s Diner

mel's diner

For a classic American breakfast feast, you should eat at Mel’s Diner . This breakfast restaurant in Pigeon Forge has a little bit of everything, so everyone in your family will find something they love! Get a stack of flapjacks covered in butter and syrup with a side of eggs cooked to order, bacon, and sausage. You can get hash browns, grits, toast and jelly, biscuits and gravy, and so much more. Mel’s has omelettes stuffed with your favorite toppings, including bacon, green peppers, onion, and cheese. In addition to great breakfast food, you’ll love the 1950s theme of the restaurant!

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There are so many breakfast restaurants in Pigeon Forge for you to choose from! You’ll have to go to a different Pigeon Forge restaurant every day to try all this delicious food. Trying to decide what to do after breakfast? Look through our Luxury Pass you receive when you book a cabin with us to see what kind of deals on attractions you can get!

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