4 Reasons a Gatlinburg Cabin Wedding Is Right for Your Big Day

If you’re looking for a simple, yet elegant, wedding day, a Gatlinburg cabin wedding may be right for you. In this article, you’ll find 4 reasons a Gatlinburg cabin wedding is a great choice for your wedding ceremony:

Easy to Plan While Still Elegant

When you plan a Gatlinburg cabin wedding, you don’t have to worry about all of the stress of months and months of planning. All you have to do is choose the perfect cabin for you and everything is easy from there!

Convenient for All Guests Who are Visiting

The Great Smoky Mountains are within a day’s drive over ⅓ of the population of the United States. This means the guests who will be attending your Gatlinburg cabin wedding can make the drive the day before, or if you’re planning an evening wedding, can even make the drive that day! It’s a comfort to know, as a bride and groom, even if you have a destination wedding, family members will still be able to make it to the ceremony!

Private Location in Gatlinburg

Lots of times, when brides plan their wedding, they appreciate having a private, secluded location. While many of the various wedding chapels and mountaintop locations appear secluded, they’re not quite as private as having a Gatlinburg cabin wedding. At an in-cabin ceremony at one of our secluded Gatlinburg cabins, you will be close with the friends and family who attend and you won’t have to worry about making a mental checklist to be sure you talk to everyone in the crowd–everyone will be right there.

Stunning Photographs Overlooking the Smoky Mountains

At an in-cabin wedding, photographs are just as beautiful as if you had your ceremony at a chapel or outdoor pavilion. If you’re looking to have photos with the backdrop of the Smoky Mountains, choose a cabin with a view of the Smoky Mountains. If you are looking to have relaxed photographs made inside, you can choose any of the cabins and the photographer will be able to put together some beautiful indoor photos.

What’s Different About Having a Gatlinburg Cabin Wedding?Bride holding wedding flowers

First and foremost, obviously, the location is much different. The setting is simpler, not quite as elaborate, and typically, fewer people attend. Sometimes these ceremonies are just the bride, groom and very close family members. Other times, a couple of families visit and each rent a cabin, then all gather in a single cabin for the ceremony.

When it comes to putting the ceremony together, there’s no reason it has to be any less than magical. Your ceremony can still have all of the traditional elements of a wedding, like:

  • Photography or videography
  • Floral arrangements and bouquets
  • Limousine service to take you from your cabin (in case you’re having a reception away from the cabin)
  • Music for the ceremony and following the ceremony
  • Candle lighting or sand ceremony
  • Salon services in your cabin for hair and makeup

If you need help with planning your Gatlinburg cabin wedding, we highly recommend Stellar Wedding Services for any of your needs.

Take a look at our Gatlinburg cabin rentals for your ceremony. These are all equipped with everything you could imagine for your vacation, including fully stocked kitchens, as well as amenities like hot tubs, game rooms and more.