Your Ultimate Guide to The Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge

If you haven’t been to The Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge yet, you definitely need to visit the next time you’re in town! This entertainment complex has it all, from shopping to restaurants. There are even thrill rides that will get your adrenaline going! Keep reading to find out more about The Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge:

The Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge

the tower shops pigeon forge

This entertainment complex has a little bit of everything. You can browse through the shops to pick up some fun souvenirs or to window shop. There are several snack and coffee shops, as well as restaurants where you can get a meal. You can even go moonshine and wine tasting! Plus, there are several outdoor spots where you can relax and watch people go on the thrill rides, or you can go on them yourself!

Mountain Monster Rides

Do you love thrills? Then you have to check out these rides. The Mountain Monster is the collection of thrill rides, each one bringing something different to get your heart racing. Monster Fall is a drop ride that raises you up 200 feet in the air for an incredible view of Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains. You don’t know when you’ll drop back down, which is what makes it so exciting!

mountain monsterMonster Launch is an exciting ride where people sit back to back and are launched 170 feet in the air. It takes you straight up with a blast of compressed air and a negative “G” at the top. You can even choose to do a flip at the top if you want!

Monster Dive is the big ride you’ll want to experience. Ride a two seat elevator to the top of the tower. Then you get off the elevator and get strapped into the seat. A retractable platform moves out of the way, and you are tilted forward until you’re facing the ground. Then the cart is released and the sensation feels like free falling. You’ll swing in the air!

The Tower Shops

In addition to these fun rides, you can browse through the stores at The Tower Shops at The Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge. There are retail stores, a general store, and a winery.

REI is a retailer that sells all kinds of outdoor gear. You can find jackets, shoes, camping supplies, and so much more. This is the perfect place to go if you plan on spending time outside in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

mountain mile general store

The Mountain Mile General Store has all kinds of cool items. You’ll find food products, such as soup mixes and jellies. There are beautiful, trendy clothes and home decor you’ll want to take home. If you enjoy looking at a little bit of everything, this is the store you should check out!

Currahee Winery has a tasting bar where you can try some of their signature wines. Many of them are made from muscadines. Ole Blue is a dark wine that has blueberry flavors. If you prefer a white wine, try the 3 Mile White. You’ll also find wine slushies at this store to help you cool off on a hot day!

Restaurants to Check Out

There are quite a few places where you can grab a bite to eat at The Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge. Whether you want a snack or a whole meal, you’ll find several spots in the area.

Cinnaholic is a vegan cinnamon roll company that allows you to be creative with your sweets. Choose a signature flavor from their menu, such as the Old Skool or Blueberry Pie. If you want, you can add any toppings or icings you want for a create your own.

junction 35 spiritsCoffee Armory is a coffee shop in the area. They sell Black Rifle Coffee Company brand coffee you’ll love in any form. There are other beverages, including hot chocolate and tea, as well as pastries to go with your drink.

Junction 35 Spirits isn’t just a moonshine tasting company. It’s also a bar and a restaurant! You can pair one of your favorite cocktails with amazing food from their menu. They have chicken wings, fried pickles, and cheese curds for appetizers. You can get burgers, sandwiches, shrimp and grits, steak, and so much more for your meal.

More businesses are coming to The Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge, so be sure to keep up with what’s going on if you want to visit this up-and-coming entertainment complex! Want to know what else you can do in the area? Look at our Luxury Pass to see what kind of deals you can get on local attractions when you book one of our cabins!