Planning a Business Trip in a Cabin

When travelers begin planning a business trip, most envision staying in a standard hotel room with the same standard services offered. While this may be advantageous for an overnight stay, other options are available that can be beneficial to the business traveler. Extended stay hotels can be utilized for long business trips, but travelers should know they have other options available. Vacation rental homes can be a favorable alternative.

Vacation rental homes are great alternatives to the standard hotel stays. After a long business day, returning to a home or cabin can be a way for a business person to recharge. Often times when co-workers travel together, their company has to incur the extra cost of multiple hotel rooms. By planning a stay at a vacation rental, these travelers can make better use of company funds by sharing one home. This will not only allow them to collaborate on business ideas, but also will allow them the personal space needed to relax at the end of the day. Vacation rentals can also offer an alternative to the constant need to eat at restaurants by providing fully equipped kitchens to cook in.


When planning a business stay with a vacation rental company, there are a few different things to consider. First, the location of the rental needs to be taken in to consideration. Travelers need to decide if it is more desirable to be close to a business area or if privacy is needed to work on a specific task or to meet a deadline. Second, research of the surrounding area needs to be done. Will a prospective client need to be taken to dinner? How far away is the nearest grocery store? Third, business travelers need to determine what services they will need during their trip from the company they are considering. Companies, such as Timber Tops, can provide amenities such as wireless internet access, fax machines and even computers in certain cabins while still providing the basic necessities such as linens, towels, washer/dryers and fully stocked kitchens.


Before booking a reservation with any company, there are a few different things to keep in mind. Do your homework about the companies you are considering. Check out sites such as Trip Advisor to help narrow down the field of possibilities to only the top companies in that area. Visit the Better Business Bureau to ensure the company is trustworthy. Make sure to ask questions about not only the rental home itself, but also about the group’s specific needs. Understand the company’s cancellation policy. Most reputable companies will encourage purchasing travel insurance to protect the trip against unforeseen circumstances (storms, illness etc.). This can be purchased at the time of making the reservation or you may be directed to a specific company to purchase separately. Finally, read the rental agreement thoroughly. This will inform you when check-in and check-out times are and define the company’s policies and regulations in regards to its rentals.