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7 Things to Bring When You Go Hiking in the Smoky Mountains

Bridge on a hiking trail in the Smoky Mountains
July 1, 2019

Whether you’re just getting started with your hiking hobby or you’ve done it many times, there are essential items you should take with you on a hike. You don’t want to leave any of these things, even if you’re going on a short hike because you never know if you’ll need them! Find out what 7 things you should bring when you go hiking in the Smoky Mountains:

1. Water

water bottle

You should absolutely take water with you when you go hiking in the Smoky Mountains. It doesn’t matter what time of the year, you can get dehydrated quickly if you’re exerting energy by hiking. When you sweat, you want to replenish the water you’re losing by drinking more water. Grab a bottle you can easily seal so it won’t spill while you’re hiking.

2. Snacks

You’ll be using a significant amount of energy, especially on hiking trails that gain a lot of elevation. Grab things that are easy to eat, like protein or granola bars. Trail mix, nuts, and jerky are other great snacks that are easy to hold, making them perfect to eat while you are hiking!

3. Camera

person taking pictures of the mountains

While this isn’t an essential item for some people, it could be for others. You’re going to be seeing some amazing things out in the mountains, and you’ll want a way to capture these beautiful features and remember your trip. Whether the camera is on your phone or you bring an actual camera, you’ll be glad you captured these memories.

4. Comfortable Shoes

Blisters will put a damper on any activity if you don’t wear proper shoes. When you go hiking, you’ll want to be sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes, whether they are hiking boots, sneakers, or athletic sandals. We recommend hiking boots since they are more protective and sturdy.

5. Proper Clothing

hiking equipment

No matter the time of year, you want to make sure you’re wearing proper clothing. If it’s going to be cold, you’ll definitely want to bring a jacket or dress in the appropriate amount of layers. If it’s summer time, you should wear something that you won’t get hot in or chaff, which would definitely be uncomfortable on a long hike. If it looks rainy, grab a rain jacket so you don’t get soaked.

6. First Aid Kit

Anything can happen when you’re out hiking in the Smoky Mountains. While we hope you won’t need it, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You should pack a first aid kit to take with you on hikes. Some of the things you should bring include bandages to cover cuts, some kind of antihistamine for allergic reactions, and pain relief medication.

7. Backpack

backpack, camera, and canteen

You can’t carry all of your things in your arms while you hike. Pack essential items in some kind of bag you won’t have to carry. You’ll want something like a fanny pack or a backpack that’s hands free. Your snacks, camera, first aid kit, and jackets can all fit in a backpack!

Want to know even more before you head out on the trails? Learn what else you should know before you go hiking in the Smokies!

We hope this list of things you should bring with you while you’re hiking in the Smoky Mountains helps you! Need to know more about the national park? Check out our Great Smoky Mountain National Park page!

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