Winter Cabin Treats for the Whole Family

Family playing card games by the fireplaceWinter has arrived in the Smoky Mountains, and snow is soon on its way. Just because cold weather has arrived doesn’t mean we still don’t have the occasional sweet tooth here at Timber Tops Luxury Cabin Rentals. The great thing about vacationing in the Smoky Mountains once the snow is on the ground is that you won’t need to step more than a few feet out of your Smoky Mountain cabin rental to get your sweet tooth satisfied by making snow ice cream.

Snow has been used to make yummy treats for a long time. Native Americans were said to have sweetened snow with maple sugar. Canadians and New Englanders used to pour hot maple syrup onto snow to make a sweet and sticky toffee. Here in the Smoky Mountains, we make snow ice cream.

After a day of sightseeing followed by a warm meal and an evening in front of the fireplace, you won’t want to leave your cabin. Imagine having a sweet craving late at night, but you don’t want to walk to a shop in town. For snow ice cream, you just have to walk outside. After scraping off the top off some clean snow, the snow underneath is soft and perfect for a quick, easy-to-make treat.

Our cabins are fully furnished, so all you’ll need to bring to make this sweet treat is evaporated milk, vanilla extract and a sweet tooth. The recipe is simple, but we recommend tasting as you add ingredients to reach the sweetness your family likes. You can even add chocolate chips, cookie crumbles or chunks of fruit!

This is a great family cabin activity because you can gather the snow and make it without making a mess or turning on the stove. This activity will get everyone involved gathering, mixing and eating.

For more information about reserving your own Smoky mountain cabin rental where you can make this wintry treat, Timber Tops Luxury Cabin Rentals has cabins with fire pits and other winter amenities. Be sure to check out the cabins by amenities so you can find a cabin that has everything you need for a  fun winter family getaway.

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