5 Fantastic Perks to Gatlinburg Cabins With Hot Tub

A vacation in a Gatlinburg cabin is always fun, and there are so many different cabins with amenities to choose from. However, Gatlinburg cabins with hot tub are one of the best options you will find when looking for a place to reserve for your stay. There are plenty of perks you and your group will enjoy when spending time in your cabin with a hot tub, and we have highlighted a few of the best below.

1. Extremely Romantic

The Swimming Hole view and hot tub Galtinburg cabins with hot tubAre you planning a vacation for you and your significant other? A Gatlinburg cabin with a hot tub is a wonderful addition to any cabin for something a little more romantic. Even if you are enjoying a vacation with a group, or with your children, a hot tub is a wonderful place to slip away for some alone time. You can grab your favorite drinks and some tasty fruit, and make it a date. Most of our Gatlinburg cabins with hot tub have the hot tub placed in a private location outside on your deck. There aren’t any distractions around you, and it is great for meaningful conversations. This makes it the perfect spot to enjoy the mountains and get a little romantic with your loved one.

2. Experience Picture-Perfect Views

Like we said earlier, most of our Gatlinburg cabins that include a hot tub have it placed on the outside deck. When you take a warm dip in your cabin’s hot tub, you can see some of the mountains’ most beautiful views from inside it. Each of our cabins provides you with a different view. You can find cabins with wooded views, river views and even views of the Great Smoky Mountains, some of which might take your breath away. Gatlinburg cabins with hot tub are a wonderful place to take in the dazzling display of views the area has to offer.

3. Tranquil Place to RestRoya Vista view and hot tub Galtinburg cabins with hot tub

Would you like having the convenience to come in after a long day to kick back and relax in a hot tub? Treating yourself to a few minutes in a hot tub after an exciting and tiring day is an excellent gift to yourself. Gatlinburg cabins with hot tub provide you with a great place to rest your muscles every night of your stay. Not only can you kick back and relax, but it is a great amenity for your entire group to enjoy.

4. Refreshing Health Benefits

A hot tub is a fantastic thing to enjoy that also has a few refreshing and invigorating health benefits. Some of the basic health benefits include:relieving stress, easing tension and riding of pain. There have been studies done that suggest a hot tub and hydrotherapy are amazing for arthritis, heart health, back pain, improved sleep, diabetes and even weight loss. Just spending a few minutes a day in your cabin’s hot tub can really take your Gatlinburg vacation over the top, by really allowing you to feel refreshed before traveling back home.

5. Added Luxury

Deck view of A Gatlinburg Escape Gatlinburg cabins with hot tubHaving a hot tub while you are on vacation is a luxury for most if you don’t get to experience a hot tub everyday at home. When you experience a hot tub located conveniently for your use, it adds something special to your vacation. Its a lavish amenity that can really make one feel pampered and upscale. When you leave your Gatlinburg cabin after having one with hot tub, you might be spoiled into purchasing one of your own!


3 Recommended Gatlinburg Cabins With Hot Tub


The Swimming Hole

This 1 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom cabin is designed to have you feeling like you are Pool View of The Swimming Hole Gatlinburg cabins with hot tubvacationing in complete luxury. It has its own private indoor pool with a waterfall feature and a sauna room. Not to mention there is a little something extra for a couple who would like to spend some romantic time alone during vacation, a heart-shaped Jacuzzi tub for relaxing with your significant other. The Swimming Hole is located minutes from downtown Gatlinburg and all of its offerings. It is perfect for a family of 4 who are looking for their next great vacation.

A Gatlinburg Escape Galtinburg cabins with hot tubA Gatlinburg Escape

This Gatlinburg cabin rentals name says it all. A Gatlinburg Escape is one of our Gatlinburg cabins with hot tub that has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It has the ability to sleep up to 8 people, making it a great option for a two-family vacation or a larger family. One of the most unique things about it is its view of the Gatlinburg skyline from its large outside deck. Other than its hot tub, it also includes a pool table, air hockey table and wifi for sharing your wonderful vacation in Gatlinburg with all of your friends.

Royal Vista

Royal Vista a Gatlinburg cabin that provides all of its guests with breathtakingRoyal Vista Gatlinburg cabins with hot tub mountain views all around it. It is one of our larger Gatlinburg cabins with hot tub that can sleep up to 20 people, and has 6 bedrooms with 5.5 bathrooms. It has many options for entertaining all of its guests including arcade games,a pool table, air hockey and large screened TVs. If you enjoy a cabin with privacy, you will enjoy Royal Vista’s secluded location. It has plenty to offer you and your group during your Gatlinburg vacation that you won’t want to miss.

Are you ready to experience the best vacation in the Smokies you’ve ever had? You won’t be disappointed when you reserve one of our Gatlinburg cabins with hot tub for your vacation, today.